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Just subbing because I'm another nerdy mom here :)

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Let's see...DH is the DnD/comic book/video game/model building nerd, and I'm the documentary/researchy/grammar nerd.  We both love scifi (but not syfy).  :D  DD (who's 4.5) has had her own laptop since she was about 2, beats me at video games, tells me when it feels like food got stuck in her 'sophagus, and complains about her diaphragm when she has the hiccups.  She also likes spaceships and zombies.  And dragons.  :D  DS is too little to be a nerd yet, but give me some time... Oh...and is it really that weird to buy a microscope for yourself before you have kids?  I need to dig that thing up--I bet DD would love it.

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Talk like a pirate day is a favorite with my house geeklings. And this year you can get free donuts at Krispy Kreme if you go dressed up!

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I'm a scifi/fantasy/DnD/Shadowrun/video game/graphic novel-loving and bookworm geek : ) Hubby is all of the above, and a history nerd to boot! 


Nak atm but I'll post more after I get caught up!

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Family of nerds/geeks here :P  Husband is a gamer, I'm a bit of one (moreso since meeting him lol). Nursery theme is space and why yes, I do want to paint the nursery door to look like a tardis!

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Whole family of geeks here. Hubby is a professional Linux geek -- of the type that people ask him what he does for a living and then no one understands the answer. wink1.gif I'm just an amateur computer geek, but we are both into sci-fi / fantasy, comic books, computer games (him more than me -- I had to quit after getting way too obsessed with WoW), tabletop games, etc.

As someone with Social Anxiety Disorder, it amazes me how much of geek life is social. In some ways, that makes me feel sad, because I missed out on so much as a kid. But more than that it's awesome, because online fan communities, in game chats, game nights with friends, and even going up to the comic book store have all become safe little avenues for me to practice being social.
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/delurk - yay for tardis nursery! I'm totally going to do that. I think this is the tribe for me smile.gif I'm a huge sci fi/fantasy nut, Trekkie, all around bookworm and Anglophile. also a table-topper, larper and cosplayer. hubby does all that plus videogames and carries an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books in his brain smile.gif we are about to TTC for the first time, and I know our kid is gonna have the most fun childhood ever, lol!
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