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Pregnancy Power

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Now that I'm at the stage where I look really, really, really pregnant (or just a really oddly shaped fat lady ), I have noticed certain 'perks'. Especially when it comes to say, food.

Yesterday, while in line at Subway, I asked the lady for lots of extra veggies. She looked at my belly, giggled, and piled that sucker high. For no extra charge.

Hmmm, I could get used to this.

Tonight I will see if subtly rubbing my belly will get the staff to make me a steak chef salad thingy when we go out with friends tonight. There is no such thing on the menu. But I want it.

Any others experiencing "Pregnancy Powers"?

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Waiting at cracker barrel I had a lady look at my tummy then tell her hubby she wanted to wander around the store some, pushing us up to the front of the line. After we sat down, they were the next ones seated lol.

My daughter (if it counts) makes sure that if we are going through a doorway that has two doors, she opens the second one as well for me so I can fit through lol
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Last night the attendant at Kroger not only pushed my cart to my car but loaded up the trunk too I was a little embarassed but figured it won't happen for long so I should enjoy it
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Oh, I'm definitely getting the pity favors. I dropped my debit card today at the grocery store and not one but two people sprang forward to pick it up, ROTFL.
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Man, I'm jealous. Maybe it's a geographic thing, but I'm looking *big* and have yet to get ANY pregnancy perks. I've had a checkout person try to overload my grocery bags with 4 2-liter bottles of seltzer in each bag, asking me if I could "handle it" (which I had to politely say no to, as I gestured towards my belly), two women give me dirty looks for waddling to the checkout line ahead of them (which I *still* can't figure out, since it wasn't like I pushed them out of the way, and it's not exactly like I'm exactly FloJo right now. I mean, if I can beat them to the line, then they are going reeaalllly slowly), and I even had a woman ask me to pick up a coupon she dropped (which I did, because I'm a sucker). Maybe I should stay away from grocery stores...

So, yeah. No pregnancy perks. Boo!
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Nope, none here either! In fact, I think because this is my third pregnancy in 5 years my co-workers feel less inclined to help out. Like they have done their fair share and I should figure it out on my own now. I have a very physical job and it actually had me in tears once that no one was offering help. I just have to ask for it and accept that not everyone is thrilled about helping me out AGAIN.
Oh well, perhaps the perks are yet to come. My last day of work is August 15th and then I will soak up the pregnancy power!
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Laurski and Heather

So, it worked. Got my steak chef's salad. Of course, I got a weird look, but dh's family used to work there so I think they did it for him more than me.

However, everyone was ooohing and aaaaahing over my salad. And yes, it was that delicious. lol

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Oh yeah, I'm getting "perks." Ones like having people haul ass past me to beat me to the check out line. Or having to stand while waiting for a table at a restaurant while grown men SIT and wait.

I was just commenting that I haven't had anyone go out of their way for me. And I'm anemic with low BP, so when I need to sit...its that or hit the floor. I'm contemplating doing just that next time while eyeing the a-hole who didn't give up his seat.

The only time anyone was ever really nice to me was when I was sitting next to my mom chatting with her and the lady cutting her hair. I fainted (while already sitting, that's a new one! ugh) And the hair stylist and receptionist were very quick with some cool water and a cool towel for the back of my neck. They were sweet, but these men!! I swear! And I live in the south!

And Laurski! Are you kidding me?! Someone asked you to pick something up?! Wow, I think I'd have told them sure! And then asked them to bend over so I could shove it somewhere. The nerve!
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I'm so jealous! No pregnancy powers here. 8 months pregnant with ds I used to take my coat off and stick my belly out as far as I could in hopes of getting a seat on the subway - only worked ONE time and I'd often miss whole trains because everyone would push past me as I was trying to protect the belly.
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I get perks just because I have 3 kids 4 and under and am pg on top of that. I had a very old man pick something up off the floor at Wal*Mart for me. I was going to get it but he beat me to it and then had to hold on to the counter to get himself back up. I felt bad for the poor guy.
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Yesterday at Kroger, two checkout lines were open. 15 items or fewer and the one for all us regular people. The regular line was FIVE deep with bulging carts. The 15 items: one person. The cashier at the 15 items lined pulled me out of the fray with my 25 or so items and then told the guy who tried to follow me (and cut!) to her line that it was only 15 items... or very, very pregnant ladies. I felt smug. And relieved; it was time to go to the bathroom again!

I notice in general that people are extremely kind and helpful to me. I live in rural Texas though, so that's probably a factor.
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Last week as I was walking past my coworker's office with my lunch trash, some of it fell to the ground. I said aloud, "oh, awesome" and my coworker chuckled from his desk. I was not about to try and bend down while still holding on to the rest of my trash, so I walked the 10 feet to the trash and threw away what I had. When I went back for the stuff I dropped, my (normally lazy, male) coworker was picking up my stuff for me. I was shocked.

However, on July 4th, we headed downtown to see the fireworks at the Arch and took the light rail line to and from, which was packed. I had to stand and do my best to find something to hold onto and no one offered me a seat ever! I got seat offers when I was 20 weeks and riding the trolleys in New Orleans, and now that I'm gigantic, I get nothing! Gotta love St. Louis.
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well, yesterday at walmart i was looking for something and couldn't find it on the shelf and there was a lady there (probably about my age) and she was helping me to find it though they didn't even have it in the end, but we chatted about how she went into labor 9 weeks early with her second and that she thought it was due to lifting up her first all the time (which i just had to put her in the shopping cart.) Most people here are generally friendly and chatty on a bad day though so its not really unusual for me.

Everyone else i've talked to seem to just think I'm "huge and going to be miserable or not make it to my EDD" lol as long as he stays put another 6-7 weeks (so I'm term) i'm fine with him coming early after that.
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The bigger pregnant I get the less people glare at me when I ride in the courtesy wheelchair at the store.

Last night people were actually smiling and laughing... as my 5 year old DD insisted on pushing me!
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The horrible people at Chipotle never give me extra guacamole no matter how big I get.
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Originally Posted by Galatea View Post
The horrible people at Chipotle never give me extra guacamole no matter how big I get.
I have to cross at least 1 state line to get to Chipotle.. I miss it so much!
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Ive never even heard of Chipotle...
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I had someone at Meijer's offer to take my groceries out for me That's about it at this point!

Well, that's not true, I've had lots help from co-workers and my volunteers (I coordinate car seat check stuff). I've had to keep reminding them that I'm OK, I'm just pregnant, not an invalid, because they don't seem to want me to do anything at all! Not that I'm complaining, I promise
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oh... last night!

does it count if its our husband?

i made him do a midnight run to walmart for me. I felt horrible making him do it and cried the whole time he was out because of it but I REALLY needed some preparation H... nothing else was helping and it HURT so BAD.
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DDC crashing (but barely!) to say that I noticed Friday--the day I turned 30 weeks--that random people were really REALLY staring at my belly now. When DH and I went out to eat that night, the waitress said, "Here is your check and good luck with your baby!!!" Then we went to get ice cream, and the guy behind the counter--maybe 20 years old?--gave me extra brownies in my red velvet ice cream. He handed it to me and said, "Here you go and CONGRATULATIONS!" It's just weird having random strangers wish me well, but it is kind of sweet, too. It seems like the whole world is happy for us.
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