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help with work meals and snacks

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So, I have a seven month old and am about to head back to work. My shifts are variable. Generally it's 60-90 hours per week, spread out over 6 days, and I am sometimes there for a 30-hour stretch.

I will be pumping as often as I can manage, and working very hard to drink enough. I also need some ideas for what I can eat. This is especially important because compared to when I used to do this pre-baby, I will have less time to eat because any free moment I will want to pump and also it will be super important to keep up my nutrition while still breastfeeding. Also I am less willing to eat crap and more concerned about weight management than I used to be.

So I need ideas for meals and snacks that are:
- quick to prepare
- healthy
- portable
- eatable while pumping (not too messy)
- can keep for a long time if needed
- dairy free

I do have access to a fridge and a microwave, but it takes a while to go to them and they aren't near the pumping room so I suspect I won't have time to use them. So I need at least some ideas that are no-refrigeration, no-heat. Any thoughts?
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If you get a good thermos, you can bring leftovers, soups, and all kinds of things.
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I don't know if I'll be much help with 'real meals'; we're grazers/multiple-small-meals types, so sometimes our meals look more like snacks to others! But some nutrient-dense possibilities that wouldn't require refrigeration include:

nuts/dried fruit/trail mix
many fresh fruits
some string cheeses
grape or cherry tomatoes
cut-up veggies in water, if it's not a super-long shift
nut butter sandwiches
homemade or all-natural granola bars

That gives you some protein, grain, fruit, and veg options...combine to your liking. Of course, whole-grain bread or crackers too. Oh - if protein is an issue, maybe natural jerky/veg. jerky?

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Could you make soups that you can drink, like tomato, split pea, etc? Oatmeal bars would be great for helping your supply. I would make sure to have lots of protein options to keep up your energy -- hard boiled eggs, string cheese, peanut or nut butter on crackers, yogurt, toasted chick peas.

What about cut up fruit or veggies (celery with peanut butter, carrots, broccoli/cauliflower, peppers).

Fruit/spinach smoothies?
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I think soup is a great idea--easy to drink, liquids are great for supply!

You could make lactation cookies to have for dessert, or try to healthify them a bit for snacks. I think grapes, strawberries, etc. are excellent for lunch and easy to eat, too.
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I'll also agree with the soups, cold pasta salads might be good too..if you want to go for the microwave, maybe a prepared burrito (easy to hold). There's of course always the standard sandwhich for fast easy and one handed eating...just try to be creative with the toppings, like mix it up with hummus and avocado, or sun dried tomatoes. And for emergencies always have granola bars or protein bars on had, as well as fruit and nuts to snack on
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