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Weight gain in first trimester with twins

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So, I am only 8 weeks...seems like I have an eternity to go. I have always suffered hyperemesis with my pregnancies...never gaining any weight until about the 6th month when I am better. I am very sick with these babies. I have not left my bed for 24 days(whose counting right lol) but surprisingly, I have gained 7 pounds already.. I eat constantly to keep the nausea away, its the only thing that helps. Lots of dairy and protein mostly, some fruit as of this week has been added in my diet. I am very shocked I have gained this much weight as sick as I have been, but also I feel quite relieved, as I know weight gain with twins is quite essential...how much weight is usually gained in the first trimester?
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IIRC the Dr Luke guidelines were at least a pound a week and at least 24 pounds by 24 weeks. I thought this was impossible to do in the first trimester (but that's probably because I was on metformin which prevented me from gaining no matter how much I ate). By the second trimester I had caught up and more. By the time I had the babies at 34.5 weeks, I had gained over 50 pounds!!

So... I think you're doing wonderful for the first trimester and as long as you are eating the right things (IMHO good protein is most important), I honestly wouldn't obsess over how much or how little you are gaining. Good luck with your pregnancy--twins are so much fun!
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Sounds great. I had pretty bad sickness with all of my pregnancies. At 9-1/2 weeks I had lost 2lbs. But by 14 weeks I was up 6lbs. 14 weeks was also when we went ahead with an ultrasound because something was a little bit fishy . I gained about 40lbs total before giving birth at almost 37 weeks. My biggest weight gain was during the 2nd trimester for sure. It was hard to gain weight when I was feeling so sick all the time but I just made sure that when I did eat it was mostly lots of protein and good fats with some fruits and veggies thrown in.

Were you in bed for your previous pregnancies? I guess not moving around much might account for some of the weight gain.

I hope you feel better soon.
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I gained weight very rapidly starting at about six weeks, with my twins. I was sick a lot, and eating was the only thing that helped me feel better, so I ate-- constantly. I gained about a pound and a half a week well into the second trimester. It's a good thing I did, too, because in the third I gained almost nothing. The babies were so huge and taking up so much space that if I ate more than the tiniest amount I felt stuffed, and the heartburn was terrible. I had to really try hard not to LOSE weight in the last few weeks, even. So I was really glad I gained so much earlier.

If eating helps, then by all means eat. Stick to the healthiest choices, keeping in mind that your protein and fat needs are increased. I drank like a half-gallon of milk a day for the longest time with the twins. It just felt good in my stomach, and I think our bodies have a sort of wisdom about what we need.
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I gained some in the first trimester but the second was the big gain time. I gained 50 overall- 10 lbs first tri, 30 lbs second tri, 10 lbs third tri. Two bowls of good ice cream everyday! I ate cashews and almonds all day long to keep the nausea and heartburn away.
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Originally Posted by MamaChicken View Post
Two bowls of good ice cream everyday.
Hey !

May I ask what brand is good ? Do yo mean good as in healthy or as in yummy ?? lol

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Well both really, healthy and good! I told DH to buy any ice cream the was not low-fat, light, and had no ingredients he couldn't pronounce.
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