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Problem taking pre-natals

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Do you take a pre-natal?I have a hard time swallowing pills of any kind, and the liquid pre-natals are sooooo sweet, they make me gag. Anyone have a good suggestion? Do I need to take a pre-natal? I usually have a hard time sticking to a healthy diet during the 1st trimester. Anything green makes me sick, so I can't rely solely on my diet.

Anyone have suggestions for a pre-natal I can take that won't make me sick? I literally start gagging when I swallow the pill.
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When I was having problems with morning sickness I took a gummi multi vitamin (they were wonderful, I always wanted more) and ate luna bars for extra folate and stuff. Ensure also has a ton of vitamins and minerals. Maybe you can find a combination of better tasting alternative that adds up to the nutrition of a prenatal.
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Have you considered chewable prenatals?

I don't have any experience in this, but I had a lot of trouble swallowing my vitamins last pregnancy due to the gag reflex, so I'm considering them if I can find them here.
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Prenatals made me so queasy! I took gummy vitamins and took an additional folic acid supplement. They're really small, so it was no problem.
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Maybe I'll try those. I'd love to find a good combo before I get preggo.
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When I absolutely can't get my regular prenatal vitamin down (which is a lot of the time) I take a gummy multivitamin plus a gummy B complex, which gives me enough folic acid and a pretty decent amount of the basics. They don't have iron, though.

When I'm not violently nauseated, I take the Rainbow Light one-a-day prental. It's not as bad as most prenatals, and I knock it back fast with a swallow of grape juice - for some reason that covers the smell really well.
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The only way for me to get a regular pre-natal down is with juice.

What brand of gummy vitamins do you take?
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Anyone else have any suggestions?
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