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Hurt/sprained pelvis from long and difficult labor

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I had a 42 + hour labor with a few bumps and difficulties along the way. My baby was posterior and his head was pushed up against my pelvis and right hip for two days before he was manually flipped by my midwife. I also pushed at end over 3 hours before his arrival.

That being said, I sprained my pelvis. For the first 3-4 days I couldn't lift my right foot at all.

It is now 5 weeks later and I am, relatively speaking, MUCh better BUT still no where near 100%. It hurts to walk and climb stairs and I am nowhere near being ready to work out (which is killing me bc I was in really good shape before baby and want to get out and sweat!).

Anyone else experience pelvis difficulties? How long did it take you to recover? How long till you could work out? Any advice or information would be much appreciated!!

Thank you!!
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congrats on your birth!
as for the sore pelvis, that can be normal, but if you are concerned, you should call your MW; she'll also be able to tell you when a good time to begin exercising will be for you.
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I separated my pubic bone with the birth of my first baby. It took many months for me to even be able to play on the floor with the baby. I seriously recommend chiro care, if you are not getting it already. The back of my pelvis, the sacroiliac joints, were out of alignment, and I finally healed very quickly after a couple of visits to straighten them out. I would take exercising really slowly. When you are ready, it might be a good idea to start with pilates and do lots of kegals. They strengthen from the inside out. A really good book is "Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy" by Cecile Rost, PT. Good luck and congrats on your new baby.
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I'm so sorry! I second the recommendation for chiropractic, probably combined with massage and possibly other modalities. Arnica would still be a good thing to take to reduce inflammation. I would have to look up what's good for ligaments - maybe Ruta graveolas or Rhus tox? I've taken both for sprained ankles with good results. Homeopathics are definitely a good thing to try, though.

I hope you're feeling better quickly!
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Yea i THIRD the chiropractic care! And look for a chiropractor who advertises that they work with pregnant women/children or know the Webster Technique! Good luck.
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I also agree chiropractic care, and I would use some Saint John's wort oil on the whole pelvic region, and herbal after baths, the warm water alone is soothing and if you don't want to use the herb Epsom salts will help to some degree.
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