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April Mamas- Hangin' In There/16th-30th

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Okay, let's start a new one. I hate having to read through 7 pages to find out where I last was!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the final stretch is on!! I cannot believe how many of you mamas are having serious signs of impending labor. I am due the first week of April but still have nothing but minor bh sporadically throughout the day. Now I am not trying to rush things, I love being pregnant, but I am sooooooooooooo curious to see if this is a boy or a girl. It is the tie-breaker in our house and I have no inclinations one way or the other. Strange, I dreamt the right sex on both of my other babies, I just KNEW who they were. This time, 36+ weeks and I have NO IDEA.

Are any of you planning a hb? What have you done to prepare the other children in the house ( if they will be there)? I think my kids feel that this is just another day in the life............ which in a way it is, but I suspect it will be a bit more of a bloody, intense day lol. My mw is looking for a birthing video to show them, hopefully she will find something that shows how it is all good and kinda scary rolled all together. We will see.

Stay healthy and happy moms. This is the final stretch for real this time!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thinking of you all--
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Hi mamma's!!

I'm doing well. Dialated to 1-2 cm for 2 weeks now. He has really dropped -- even the dr mentioned that his head "was right there."
I was just released from bed rest (thank goodness!!!) and am now working again part time until baby decides to show up. Hopefully he'll be here sometime in the next week. I'm soooo uncomfortable with him so low! I have to run to the bathroom every 45 minutes!

dh and ds are getting excited. Both ask me daily if the baby is coming today. :

We're still trying to find *the* name, but are not having any luck. Right now we're thinking about Jacob Evan. Then again, who knows... I'll probably change my mind in a week!

We're planning a hospital birth, but wishing we were back in Michigan to be at a birthing center rather than a "labor and delivery ward." We're not close enough to a hospital with a birthing center rather than a maternity ward. Figures... Insurance companies are such a bummer... But I'm pretty vocal about my and baby's needs, so I'm not too worried about it.

Does anyone else have insomnia? I'm up 3 times a night for the bathroom, but then just can't get back to sleep. It's so frustrating! Then in the evening I'm soooo tired

And I thought that you're supposed to get this sudden burst of energy... That was the last 2 weeks for me. Now all I want to do is lay and rest. Oh well...

Good luck mamma's.
I hope to read all about your babies in the next couple weeks!!!
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Posted this on the last one, but then I saw this one:

Wow... things sure have been going on w/ all of you...
Contractions, bedrest, visits to the hospital! I'm sure that's not fun.

Things have been boring here by comparrison. However, yesterday I hurt myself pretty badly. I picked up my ds to carry him to the bedroom, he was not behaving and was struggling.
Somehow, it feels like I pulled my muscles waaay down low in my pelvic area. It's been hard to walk and sit and lay and move. I took some tylenol and a bath last night, and was hoping to feel better this morning. It feels a little better, it is getting easier to walk but it still hurts to move and get up and down. I go to the Dr. tomarrow for my regular appt.
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she's here.....

Soleil was born March 12 (over two weeks early!) at home, in the water, w/her daddy catching her. She's beautiful and healthy and we're doing great. Labor was around 1.5 hrs. and was the most enjoyable labor I've had. Really great.

Just wanted to LYK. Hang in there mamas.
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didnt see this thread until I posted on the other one LOL.. Same ol same ol is going on . went ot the dr today and nothign is going on in there as far as effaced or anything.. So I thikn I have a few weeks still. Dr said this baby is about 6 pounds ot 6 and a half right now! This is going ot be my biggest baby yet if he is right.. My biggest was 7 lbs and like 9 oz LOl so this one will prob be around 8 pounds or so! UGH!

WOW Indingolilybear!! Congrats to you and your heathly little girl.. That is wonderful!
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Oh, that's exciting indigolillybear! We're shooting for March 17 to get an Irish baby!!! :LOL Really, after next Monday, my OB doesn't care what happens, as long as Adam is healthy. Meaning, he won't try to stop labor. I've BTDT, so, we'll see!
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Congrats indigolilybear! Sounds like you had a good birth too! Enjoy your new little one!

My dh is out of town this week, so it really sucks me being in pain and not able to do much. My ds is acting up today cuz rather than fighting him I let him eat a bunch of junk earlier. My bathtub facut broke and I don't wanna call the apartment manager to fix it. I have my Dr. appt and my ds' music class tomarrow, so I'll let you all know how that goes.
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Congrats Indigolillybear!

I'm getting anxious for my app in the morning, but afraid I'll be leaving dissapointed. I so want things to be *happening*!

I'm flipping back and forth between wanting to not be at home to keep my mind off things to wanting to curl up in a little ball on the couch!

Yes I still have insomnia although it hasn't been as bad as it was in the past, and gee whiz we are going through toilet paper like crazy, I think I'm peeing every 15 minutes.

I've gained about 35 lbs so far, but I can't wear my maternity pants anymore, the ridge along where the panel is cut out, cuts into my stomach when I sit down. I've broken out some summer dresses but I'm freezing in them so I have to wear a jacket -it's not a pretty site!

Sarahmae1, hope you feel better soon.
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Congratulations, indigolilybear!!

I am feeling like this baby is never going to come. I feel too...normal to be only 2.5 weeks from giving birth! But the dr said today that I am 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated, so I guess it's starting to get real. I am still very active each day and without discomfort. What a change from my first pregnancy. This baby has become quite a mover the last week, too. Up until now, she was more quiet. I thought they were supposed to slow down as birth neared, but I guess not this one! Feel good, everyone.
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Indigolilybear----yippie for you. Sounds like an easy labor and delivery!!! Enjoy your family!!!!!!!

I too have insomnia on occasion. What happens is I am so tired I fall asleep reading to the kids then don't wake up until after midnight when hubby comes in from his studio (he is a glass artist and works in a building out bacK), I cannot fall back asleep. But if I force myself out of the warm space of the kids room, I can come to the computer and stay awake. Then falling back to sleep after pee breaks seems easier.

Teachma, I hear what you are saying, I am nowhere near the physical signs of impending labor. My babies have always taken their own sweet time.

Christymama- let that baby inside you get nice and big, they seem so much healthier to me when they have a little chunk on them-- my first was 8lbs, my second was 6.5lbs and he seemed so tiny and fragile compared to his sister as an infant. I hope this time to go somewhere in the middle of those two! 7.4-7.9ish!!
Who can really tell??

Goodnight all- happy last days of pregnancy..
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Congrads on your little girl we all are getting so near to having out little ones in are arms I can not wait. I forgot to add in my dr. appointment. I will be having Chloe on April 15th they will be inducing me at 7am that is if I dont go in sooner. you never know.

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Good morning all_-
I hope everyone is feeling better, still hanging in there anyway. This morning my workout is much slower paced. My 4 miles daily is becoming 2 miles and these are starting to hurt. I have such pain in my pubic bone, I mean like bad.

Anyone else feel tired atmost time throughout the day?? We have a busy week at dd's school- exhibition night and stuff like that-- hope I can stay awake to attend or she will be sooooooooo disappointed.

Thinking of you mamas-- maria
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Hola, Chicas! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hardly got a wink of sleep last night. I slept better in the hospital, if you can believe it!!! I kept on prowling around the house. I figure it's because I slept so much in the hospital, my body said, "NO MORE!!!!!" Some contractions, but nothing to write home about. I am bored silly because I really can't do anything. I mean, no one is here to stop me, but, well, hmmm...

Sometimes I wish I stayed in the hospital because at least there were PEOPLE around! :LOL I'm such good friends with the staff on antepartum that I felt very comfortable in there. Ah, well, I just got notice from our insurance company that they will not cover stomach stapling... And I thought I could ask my OB to throw that in for fun.. He'll be in that area anyway when he does the c-section, so why not? J/K Adam has got the hiccups right now and I'm debating on going out to the mailbox to mail our bills. Must do that or else we will have late fees... Can't afford those.

Oh, well, glad to hear everyone is doing well and wishing their babes will come soon. I'm going to pack Adam's bag today. I mean, it's not like he needs anything right now... :LOL
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Maria, my 4 mile daily walks (on the treadmill, slight incline) have now decreased to 2.5 miles, very minimal incline. I totally know how you feel!
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Congrats, indigolilybear!!!! I love her name...we're naming our little girl Maya Soleil.

i would love to be able to walk 2 miles a day. i walk for two minutes and my back and tailbone are *aching*. insomnia-yep. peeing all the time-yep. pubic pain-yep. vaginal pain-yep. gas-yep. i really need to get a better attitude. i did get my hair cut yesterday, which made me feel better.

home stretch, mamas!!!
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Well, hangin in there is just how I feel this week! My dr. thinks I may have torn a ligament down near my pubic bone, he says it will heal slowly on its own.

I'm a little frusterated because for the last several weeks I have been 'nesting' and it felt good to actually keep up w/ the house work for once, and get some things done that need to be done before baby comes! However, now that I am in pain I haven't done a thing all week and our place is a huge mess again, and the laundry is piling up!

Good news is that everything else w/ me and baby are still going really well. I am now going to be going weekly, and at my next check they will do the group b strep test and check dialtion. He said its not really nessisary since I'm having a c-section, but that they like to do the test just incase my water breaks before my scheduled date. I gained one more pound, so now I'm still down 1lb. from my pre-preg weight (total of 10lbs. lost and 9lbs. gained) which is good. Hopefully I'll come home weighing less than I did pre-preg!
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I had my app today, they did my strep test-I get to find out results on Friday. (Please be -, please be -, please be -)

Blood pressure was good, I gained another 1 and 1/2 pounds (35 total now), I'm efacing, she didn't say I was dialated but she could feel the head. I've been busy reading the March mama's thread, and it's getting me ancy again

We've had snow the last few days, but it should be warming up again this week soon!

For some reason I woke up vomiting this morning, don't know why, of course I was looking for it to be a *sign*, LOL. I try to make everything into a sign! Anyway I felt better after a few hours and was reminded how wonderful it is to not be in *that* stage anymore!

It really won't be that long now! We just have to keep telling ourselves that!

We're off to have italian tonight! I really don't want any of the food though just their wonderful focacia bread and olive oil butter! YUM! I've beeen craving it like crazy.

I think I'm going to go to my grandma's next week, I've got to get myself and the kids out of the house! We only have one car so we spend ALL our time at home-we got to get out!!!!

Baby has hiccups ALL the time, I never noticed this with my others!

Bye all!!!!
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sarahmae sorry about you being in pain! Hope you feel better soon..
We spent all day outside today.. Did lots and lots of yard work and helped dh wash the truck! DD#2 is gonna be wiped out with being out in the nice sun all day! She will be in bed Early I am sure as I will be.. I got some sun on my white ol body today too..
DD#1 got her report card today .. Straight A's again I am so proud of her!
Nothing new here on the baby front.. Hurts to walk still but other then that I am ok.. I have one of them Sun headaches right now ya know the ones you get when you dont wear sunglasses out there: That will teach me..
Well I better get going... Keep on trucking mamas!!
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I'm so happy for you! I love the name Soleil!!! Your birth must have rocked. I'll take some of those vibes-thanks! Enjoy your babymoon. I'm thinking of you.

Well, I pretty much stay in hemmoroid hell. Two babies pushing down all day is just not helping them heal. It'll be over soon.

I bought a little pool yesterday for the birth. I didn't want anything to big or bulky because I don't really envision myself hanging out there for too long. Went to Toys R US and the only small one they had was a Dora the Explorer pool with a ring toss game on it. I thought that would keep me occupied during labor.

I've ordered all my diapers and will have everything I need by next week. My blessingway is a week from Saturday so there's that to look forward to!!! I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and I told these babies that if they are cooked in two weeks they are allowed to come out! If I have to go 4 more weeks till 40 I think I will be very uncomfortable, but whatever will happen will. I think they are close to 6 pounds each now. They have no room left. There are always body parts sticking out. I look like something from the circus!

Take care ladies. May be a few days before I catch up again. It can be hard to sit at the computer.
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Good morning mamas! Things are well here today. Sun is shining Birds are churping and My yard looks wonderful form the yard work we did yesterday! TodayI need to go to the grocery store.. Dh is going wiht me because its hard to get around and deal with a 3 year old.. Anyhow.. Baby had me up early this morning.. I keep waking up so many times in the night because I either have to pee or I wake up wet.. This morning I woke up and there was a huge wet spot I thought my water had broken! BUt it is just my breast leaking So I have gotten in the habit of taking my shirts off at night to sleep bare because I was tired of being wet all the time! I think my body will have enough milk thats for sure!! Anyone else having this problem? well OK I better go jump in the shower.. I will talk to you all soon..
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