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The leaky breast thing just doesn't happen to me at all; I don't know why. With ds, I nursed him for 2.5 years and never once wore pads- I just never leaked. Of course, it could be different this time, but I have no leaking so far...And strangely, not peeing too much either. But man, am I hungry!!! I am now gaining weight rapidly, but I figure if I am suddenly so hungry, I really should eat, so I am. My blood presure is still 110/70, total weight gain is around 35 pounds, and I have 2 weeks and 2 days to go til due date. Still exercising nightly for 45 minutes or so. THe only bad news here is...Group B Strep positive. Yuck! I wasn't last time, though my dr says I probably tested false negative then. So I guess I will do the antibiotics. Anyone else?
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I forgot to mention that my GSb came back Neg this time around. But I had it withthe other two babies SO I am going ot be treated as if I was Pos anyhow .. Makes me feel better because i know you can test Pos then be neg at time of birth or Test neg and then be post at time of birth.. So for me I am just going to go ahead with the antiobotic..
I wonder why i am such a leaky facuet.. I started to leak early with all my pregnancies But i never breastfed sooo maybe I have backed up milkers:LOL Gonna be breastfeed this time though I have gained about 18 pounds so far.. I to have started to gain weight more towards the end.. well I better get going shopping wore me out.:
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Congrats Indigo!

Everyone sounds like they're doing relatively good.

This is def. a TMI post for me:

I had a dr. appointment yesterday and I was 2 cm 60% effaced and baby was at a -1 station...however, my dr. told me she was stingy with her stations. :LOL

Yesterday, I had like 6 bowel movements, and then yesterday afternoon I had a lot of pelvic pain. It wasn't accompanying any type of contraction, so I'm wondering if things were just a little upset from her checking me. I also was really itchy down there and thought I might be getting another infection (bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection). Or maybe things were just feeling itchy because of the pressure and all the bowel movements I had. Once my husband got home, I was able to take a nice bath and relax and the pelvic pain went away..

This morning my itchiness was gone but I started to lose my mucous plug. I thought I might have started losing part of it a week ago...but I just had one little glob so I'm wondering if it was just something else. But, today I definitely was losing it. With my daughter, I pretty much lost all of it the same day all at once and that was the day I went into labor. However, I've hardly had any BH contractions at all today, and I usually have those pretty frequently.

Can I just say I'm feeling pretty great? I know I know some of you hate me...but I swear I feel so good I can't believe that it's almost time for her to be here. I hope my recovery is swift and painless unlike what I went through with the delivery of Genevieve. I actually told the dr. yesterday that I did not want to know how many hemorrhoids or what degree of episiotomy or tear I have after the birth. She said "why don't I tell you how GREAT everything looks" :LOL She is so funny. I told her not to lie to me.

As a side, this is not the same dr. that I had as an OB when I was pregnant, nor is she the one that delivered Genevieve. What wound up happening after my delivery with Genevieve was that I never healed completely...the perineum that is. There were gaps. 3 months after the delivery I had surgery...basically I had another episiotomy to correct the other one. Done by a different dr. I'm so glad I got my 2nd opinion!

Hope you all have fantastic week!
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Mrs. Edwards, that's awesome! I hope everything goes well for you!

Christy, of course your GBS came back negative. It's just harshin' your mellow!!! :LOL

Teachma, you are an inspiration for us lazy pregnant mamas! I wish I could actually move without pain.

mum2lillie, the vision of you sitting in a Dora the Explorer Ring Toss pool is just too too funny for words. I'll let the smiley do the talking. :

Bellafinn, I hear you about making everything a "sign" Here's your sign... :LOL I check
every time I wipe after peeing to see if I can see the slightest tinge of blood. TMI, I know, but true!

Sarahmae1, I know all about the nesting instinct. I haven't been able to clean now for about a week and I am frustrated because DH thinks cleaning is running the vaccuum over the carpet. Yes, it is, but, hey, what about the dust on the furniture, hmmm?

Hey, mommajubilee, do you itch pretty much everywhere? I can't sleep in my PJs anymore because I ITCH! DH was nice, though, he gave me a back rub last night. I think it was to silence my bitching!! :LOL

Christina, where are you? Are you doing okay? How's your bedrest going?

Love2all, you are awesome! I wish I could even move more than a quarter mile a day. DH says it's because you were in good shape before your pregnancy. I agree. Way to go!

Well, ladies, Adam currently weighs, according to ultra sound a healthy 5.7 pounds. I went to my appointment this morning at 8AM . Doc says therez no change in cervix, still 50% effaced and closed... Thank goodness. I gained 2 lbs in two weeks which is normal... Adam is apparently coming in at 36 weeks gestation, so he's a bit large. We're already calling him Chunky Monkey.

Talk at ya later!
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Goodwillhunter Iam here and doing good had a few contractions today but nothing to worry about. The bed rest is going well but my house is a wreck and it is driving me crazy. I go to the doctors again tomorrow. to get checked and to see how Iam doing. Chloe has been active a bit today which is great. I got teary eyed today I cant wait to see my daughter to see what she looks like. only three more weeks to go I cant beleive we are all at the end of our pregnancies it seems like yesterday that we found out. well better get dinner out of the oven.

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Ummmm, Christina, getting dinner out of the oven is not considered bed rest, ya know. :LOL I got in trouble for vaccuuming today. DH came home and said, "Why do I see vaccuum cleaner tracks on the floor?"

He told me to try and leave it for him....
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Hello all-
GoodWillHunter, you really rock taking time to personally acknowledge all of us. I love reading all you write except that often you make me laugh so hard I gotta pee!!!!!!!!!!1

so, I have had 3 completely *non-medical* pregnancies, so forgive my sounding stupid but what is this group b stepp test everyone is having and why so late in pregnancy??

Oh we had an appointment with mw today and the kids got to watch a video of some births. I have been trying to prepare them but did not know if I was doing enough. DD watched but DS just wanted to play. We were at MWs house and her 2 sons were home and my ds is CRAZY about big boys who will give him even the slightest bit of attention. He is the one who I worry about more with the birth, he is such a mommies boy ( and I mean that with lots of love and respect) that I worry about how he will react when he sees blood and other stuff coming out of me. I guess all I can do is keep talking to him about it.
good news is that my fundus height is more in line with my *due date*. i am now 36cm at 37 weeks, yippie!!!! I have been on a high protien diet for a few weeks and it is paying off.

Christymama- what grade is your dd in? It sounds like she is doing great at school, you should be proud!!! Isn't it nice to have kids who enjoy learning!!

That is all for tonite- hang tight everyone, it is not even April yet!!!!--
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love2all, Group B strep is an infection that can pass to the baby during a vaginal birth. Mom is treated with antibiotics to prevent the infection. Piece of cake. Not really, but, hey, it sounded good.

DS3 is walking around with a blanket over his head. He should be asleep, but he drank half of my Dr. Pepper earlier. Oh, well, guess he'll party with the rest of us for a while.
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Love2all~ my dd is in the 2nd grade. She will be 8 in june.. I can not believe how time has flown by! Yes it is wonderful that she loves to learn! The only thing that sucks here is that they dont have a gifted and talented program until the 4th grade and the 4th grade is middle school here: So she has been getting bored in class and the teachers all try and keep her intrested in things.. Like her spelling list is at 4th grade level now and so is her reading. So she isnt even with the class on them things.. Math is does really well in but she would rather read! BUt yes I am very proud of her! She gets her smarts from her daddy!
My dh put in his vacation for when the baby comes.. He is taken the 10-25th off.. Then another week in June for my and dd#1 birthdays! His is all paid too.. which is nice!
Being in the sun the past few days have worn me out.. I get to sleep and wake up like 2 hours later feeling like i have slept all night! So then its hard to get to sleep.. I guess its our bodies way of letting us know right now we better get use to less sleep because when baby gets here we wont be having much of it!
Well See all ya mama's later!!!
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Hey, Christy, that's great about your DD... My DS1 is like that. He took the test for GT and they told me he wasn't creative enough... Yeah, right. They just don't know him very well, do they?

I'm going to be doing some illicit house cleaning today. DH won't dust. I have no clue why, but he won't. Sigh. What a dweeb.

So, off I go to be BAD!

I'm going to hell. Or the hospital, either one is fine with me. At least my house will be clean!!!!!!
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Lisa I so know what you mean I vaccumed my floor today it was getting on my nerves and I plan on cleaning my house really well this weekend and just hope it stays clean yea right not with two kids tearing it apart. I will be 35 weeks Sunday so Iam getting close to my induction date I still have so much to do I have to go to mil to get the bassinet so I can wash it and get it cleaned for when Chloe is here. I also have to wash the infant carseat pad. and I also have to wash all of her diapers to get ready for her I plan on using them in the Hospital. I really do need to get off bedrest so I can stop buying diapers. I just ordered another one today and it wasnt even for Chloe it was for Kim. well I have a doctors appointment at 3:20 today so when I get back I will fill everyone in hope everyone is doing well. not long intil we have our babies in our arms.

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You mamas are amazing- my house is such a mess, like a major tornado swooped through and I could care less about getting off my butt to clean it. And I am not on bedrest. O how I envy you who have the desire to keep house.
Christy- my DD is 8, in 2nd grade as well. She loves going to school and luckily there is an awesome charter school here that i CAN deal with. If i had my way she would be homeschooled, but alas, my children actually have different desires, needs, and styles, than do i. She is happy and thriving so.......
Things here are great, no complaints, except that i am very lazy, but I am not sure I can blame that on being preggo!!!!!!!!!
Lisa=please take it easy, you will have enough to do once baby comes. I mean this is what #5 or so????
peace all--
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Yeah, It's number five, but I'm still anal retentive. I have no idea why. I think my mother made me do it!
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I'm cleaning today too! I'll save the MOUNTAIN of laundry till monday, though, LOL!
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hey everyone ~

just checkin in...i saw my mw yesterday. all is good. i gained another two pounds for a total of 25.5 pounds. she confirmed that baby is head down.
i am rather disillusioned with my midwives though. i had such an awesome team of midwives (i saw three in rotation) with my first pregnancy. i like my current ones ok, but they are rather clinical. they don't tell me much of anything. they will listen if i have questions, but they never really ask how i'm doing emotionally or try to really get to know me and my wishes for this birth. typical appt. is: check-in, pee, wait about 10 minutes, see nurse to get weighed and blood pressure, mw comes in "so how are you doing?" i usually mention that i'm still in a lot of pain and have no energy, but other than that no specific problems. they usually nod sympathetically, ask me if i'm wearing a brace for the vulvar varicose veins. then i lay down, they listen to the heartbeat, sometimes measure my uterus, then send me on my way. i've never actually been told what the h/r is or how much i measured, etc...they never tell me when i should be seen again (i.e, i wasn't sure when i switched from monthly visits to every two weeks, to every week, etc...).
anyway, sorry for the rant. i'm just feeling a little disappointed, ykwim?

illicit house cleaning
:LOL , Lisa! It totally do this! I'm not on bedrest, but i have definitely snuck around to get the vaccuuming done. One day dh took ds out so I could sleep/rest. He came home, saw the tracks on the floor, and said, "sweetie, did you *vaccuum*?!" hehe. umm, no, didn't i tell you the housekeeper came today? yeah...i wish.
oh, and to answer your earlier question, Lisa. I've had just about every other pregnancy woe, but no itchies...yet.

christina, you take it easy too!!
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wow busy busy today around here!!
My ob doesnt check my pee at all. I have had to pee in the nice cup twice .. They dont check for that stuff here. Not sure why. I am not complaining though. Dont think I would hit the cup right now anyhow:LOL
I can clean as long as everything is at waist level.. I cant bend down to pick things up .. It hurts to bad and if i get down on the floor I have to have help up!! LOL i am sooooo pretty
So I have been barking alot of "orders out" around here. Pick that up pick this up etc! Im not your maids! Poor kids and dh:
Lisa you gonna pop that baby out while your cleaning! and I bet you wouldnt even miss a step either.. You would be like Oh well look who we have here.. :LOL Well dh did a lunch run for me... Gotta go eat my Big mac! I know totally gross but hey a pregnant mama has to do what she has to do !!!
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Hey, Christy, I'm all about Mc Donald's today. DH came and picked me up. We stopped at the bank to deposit some $$$ and then off to McDonalds. I'm gonna die of arteriosclerosis, I swear (I think that's hardening of the arteries, which leads to heart disease. )

I have finished the laundry... i.e., it is washed and dried. And in a big pile on our bed for DH to fold... I pick and choose my bed rest moments. :LOL I dusted... Slowly. Sat at the dining room table and dusted. I mixed up some baking soda and lemon essential oil for some carpet freshener. Then, I vaccuumed . Guilty as charged!

I kicked our dog outta the house 'cause she's loosing her "winter" coat (like we have winter in San Antonio) all over my house!!!!! Poor animal. I think she wishes for the days we didn't have any kids and it was just her her her. She's barking at the back door right now.

Ooooohhh.. The phone just rang. MY TWINS ARE COMING HOME! HOT DAMN! YIPPEE!

All right, my dog is driving me batty. I'm gonna let her in.

Christy, my ob checks my pee every time. I haven't missed, yet!

Mommajubilee- My ob always tells me what's going on. Hmmm. That's really odd about your MW. Maybe you should be more vocal about what info you want and need. I am... I suppose.
You know, tho, my doc did give me a prescription for insomnia (I couldn't sleep at night and DH was getting tired of my cursing the world's existence...) and, lo and behold, the itching went away. Of course, it IS a controlled substance. I think it's a narcotic of some kind, but, I finally got a great night's sleep last night. I'll take the trade.

Love2all, If I could walk/run the amount of mileage you do in a week, I probably wouldn't have the desire to clean, either!!! :LOL Take care love.

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I'm suppose to bring a urine sample every app, but heck theres no way I could last time-I can't see anything down there! LOL! I'd be lucky to get a drop or two in.

Results came back for my strep test, it's negative!!!!! YEAH!!!
That has been my big hangup this whole pregnancy, so I'm glad I won't have to deal with it!

Chicken salad for lunch today here, I havn'e been able to eat chicken for my entire pregnancy but suddenly it sounded good!

Just got up from a little snooze, I've HAD to lay down in the afternoon these last several weeks, I'm just SO tired. I don't actually get to *sleep* but the kids watch a movie and I rest, it's been nice! Hopefully that will continue when baby gets here!
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Iam back from my appointment it went well baby is head down my blood pressure was great it was 103/62 the babies heart rate sounded good they didnt tell me what range it was in though. Iam still at one . which is good. altough on the way home I had some painful contractions so when I got home I drank some water they seemed to ease up a little looks like I wont be cleaning my house after all but my DH did say he would clean. well I better go dinner is waiting for me hope everyone is doing well.

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ya know I am very moody lately! this is all i want to do today .. I dont know why.. I just want to cry at every darn thing.. The poor kids are getting to me. They are kids.. But they are getting on my very last nerve today! I feel like the worlds worst mother right now and thiking what in the world do I think I can handle another one.. I gues its just these last few weeks. Wondering waiting and just excited and scared all at once.. I feel like a whale and i hurt when i move.. I cant bend over to pick things up.. My body always feels as if i just ran a few miles and i just walked to the couch to the bathroom.: my hands are starting to swell. I know i havent drank much water today.. then the heat.. Its about 89 here today! I am just a pissy mess..
Christina I am glad your appt went well.
I want to go to bed and wish this day would pass and tomorrow be better
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