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Christymama I hope your day will be better tomorrow I have those days once a week it seems. it will get better. hugs.

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to you, Christy! I'm sorry you're having what DH calls a "day." I'm having some contrax right now, probably due to the fact that I convinced my MIL to help me clean out the kid's drawers. :LOL She kept on saying, STOP THAT! I'm probably going to take a nice bath and see if they don't go away. Probably will. My sister says my OB is overreacting. I agree, wholeheartedly. Since I'm not dialating, therez no need to stop contrax. They're normal!

All my kids were happy to be reunited. It's back to same old same old around here. Fighting, whining, messy, loud. Home sweet home.
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, Christy. I feel your pain. Here's hoping tomorrow's a better day for you!

dh just got home today from his four-day trip. came home in the afternoon, but had to work tonight. then he broke the news that, guess what?!, he needs to drive to LA tomorrow (6 hours away) and will be back Sunday. Greeeeaaaat. Just what I wanted to hear.
All I have to say is Sunday is MY day!! He plans to be back around noon and then i'm OFF DUTY. We're going to my doula's house and they have a pool...i'm going to take a nice swim and then she's giving me a massage. So what to do tomorrow....
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Christy -

I hear you about the kids getting on your nerves. My sweet little Genevieve has been rotten this week! Makes me think there's really something wrong with her, teething, ear infection. I mean, she's all of a sudden become more independent and will throw a temper tantrum. But, then I have to consider what age she is and realize that this is probably part of her development as a 20 month old. It's just been really tough on me...especially being due in two weeks...I'm like "What have we done?" :LOL

Good news is, that we found a sitter...and Saturday night, my husband and I are going out. We haven't been out since the holidays. I'm so dang excited that I can hardly stand it. It will be our last night out alone. I don't even know how long we will be gone, or what we're doing. I'm just hoping I don't go into labor before we go out.

I have been feeling a little anxious these past couple of days, wondering when and how it's all going to happen. It feels so different that 3 things have all ready happened to me as signs of labor that I experienced with my labor with Genevieve as well but I was actually in labor at this point. Being 2 cm, 60% effaced and losing my mucous plug. My next appointment is Monday and unfortunately I think I might have another infection of sorts down there. Not sure.
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Iam so pissed right now my DH said he would clean the house today but no he is upstairs working on his stupid computer. he just came down and I started yelling at him I mean Iam on bedrest and have to chase after the kids and do the house work. I need his help and he is getting pissy because I need him to do the house work I wish I could do it myself if I could I would. my house is a wreck and I hate it Iam sitting down and resting and drinking water and Iam still having contractions. Iam in tears as I right this he is being a real jerk. Iam washing Chloes diapers today so they will be ready he doesnt understand that Chloe will be here in Three weeks and that is not alot of time to get the stuff done that needs to be done. Iam sorry for the vent Iam just tired of the bedrest thing.

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to you, Christina, I've been in your position. My DH thinks he'll dp ot when he's ready. I say DO IT NOW!

I understand completely. Hang in there.
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Christina, I can relate too. Some men just don't possess the same sense of urgency as most women do. I always wind up doing my husband's share of the chores because I want it done sooner than he's willing. He can tolerate the dishes piled in the sink for a longer period of time than I can! Sometimes, I think he purposely puts it off knowing that I will get frustrated and just do it myself. I think I need to be better about lettinfg the stuff sit there til he is ready to do it! But being on bedrest definitely makes it all worse. I'm not but was with ds, so I totally know the feeling!

Is anyone else in denial that we're about to have our babies? I don't know why, but I feel like this isn't real. Haven't even gotten our bassinett or car seat out of the storage unit yet, but dh says it's time so he's going over to get it tomorrow. I am due in 2 weeks but I feel like it's forever away! What is wrong with me?
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I did it!! I cleaned my house, and you were my inspiration in my mind the whole time!!! I spent all morning at it. Now I just pity the kids if they think that they will touch anything when they are done playing outside. That is my question- how the heck do i keep it clean for the next 2 weeks until the baby comes? OR am i actually going to have to do this again??LOL.... i guess I have to keep up on this, we live in a tiny cabin and are having a homebirth, no room extra shit on the floor........

christy, your days will get better. you know that, you are the one who keeps us all happy, so I know it is just 'one of those days." What can I say????Hang in there, we need your cheerful replies!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday my dh smelled like beer- he had 1 with friends- and my super sensitive nose and brain freaked out about it. i am just jealous and cannot wait to drink a big dark black beer..

Well, we are off to a pool party today, yippie a bunch of rowdy 4 and 5 year old boys screaming for 2 hours. lOL No, really, i am glad to get the kids out of the house-- maybe it will stay clean until my honey gets home-- he'll be AMAZED!!!

Teachma- I too cannot believe it is only two weeks away. I still do not even have diapers, a car seat, or all the homebirth supplies. I am not on top of things this third time around. It STILL feels unreal. Though I cannot wait to see if this is a boy or girl....

Take care all--
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oh, christy, i'm sorry about your dh. that must be so frustrating, esp. being on bedrest. i finally got so fed up with my dh not cleaning that i left him a note on the whiteboard this morning: "Please, could you do something - anything - around the house, PLEASE!!!?" he could at least clean up his coffee mess before he leaves.

kaylee - i hope your dh doesn't end up in the doghouse with the rest of ours before you go on your date tonight! :LOL seriously though, have a great time.

lisa ~ i swear about five minutes after i posted my last reply about not being itchy, my belly started itching like crazy!! then last night, i couldn't sleep because the bottom of my feet were itching. i finally had to get up and soak them in the sink, scrubbing them madly with a pumice stone. :LOL then i slathered them with lotion. that worked for a few hours, but they are still really itchy! it's cyber-contagious!!!!!!

have a pleasant preggo day mamas.
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Hey Mama's!!
Today is a way better day then yesterday! I ate all darn day too. I am so super tired today.. Been really tired the past few days too. I always had so much energy at the end of my pregnancies but this time around i was to sleep I think my belly is going to split open.. The past few weeks I have noticed strech marks on my belly! They look like they are so thin that if my belly gets bigger that they will burst open.. I put some lotion on my belly today.. My knee hurts today too LOL.. Lets see if there is anything else i can complain about LOL :LOL
Christina.. Sorry about your dh.. alot of men are procrasanaters.. ( lol spelled that all wrong) Luckly my dh is the anal one around here with them things.. I grew up a bit spolied with not having to do anything ever.. But once i got married I seen that I had to pitch in to help.. I am getting so much better then I was 10 years ago when we got married:LOL But I am still a Diva
Weeks are rolling by mamas.. It seems to be rolling way fast this time around then the other pregnancies.. I dont know why.. it seems everytime i look at the calander another week has zoomed by! Well I better get going... Thanks for all the heart felt hugs for my bad shitty day yesterday!
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Crampy contractions and a gassy tummyache for me this evening. But it can't be the real thing yet...can it? I have two weeks to go! And ds was only born 3 days before my due date! And I have to go to work until March 31st! Oh- I'm sure it's nothing yet anyway, but it certainly feels...different. It sure would be nice if, at my dr's appt on Tuesday, they told me I was now dilated 2 cm instead of just 1. For those who were dilated a bit before the day of labor- do you actually think it made labor any easier, or not really? I'm hoping!
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Maria, you made my day!!!! Today, DH had a meeting for work, so he took the munchkins over to my parent's house for the day. The kids spent ALL DAY outside at Pop Pop's and Grandma's house. Spoiled kids. I did some more illicit cleaning, i.e., I gave our dog a bath. Now she smells like skunk again. Icky Icky Icky. The kids are tired and dirty, so DH is giving them a bath. Natalie, my girl twin, is running around in a swimsuit coverup and Winnie the Pooh slippers. I literally slept all day. Well, after I gave our dog a bath .

My neighbor asked me how on Earth DH and I have energy for sex after chasing all of our little ones around. I smiled and said, "Well, where there is a will, there is a way!!!" :LOL.

Teachma, it might be the real thing!!! Babies have their own due dates, ya know!

Christy, I'm glad you're feeling better today. I know the last few weeks haven't been easy for you. Any more news on the "Aunt" front?

Kaylee, how was your date?

Sorry about jinxing you, Mommajubilee... :LOL I guess I sent you a "virus!"
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just wanted to add teachma, my dd was born 2.5 weeks "early" and I"ve never gone early w/either of my two kids.....FWIW! It sure surprised me!! I definitely thought i had at least another week to week and a half!! They do have their own due dates. We tried to conceive an aries, and were due smack dab in the middle of aries, but ended up w/a pisces. So much for planning!! LOL

I still can't believe I"m not pregnant anymore!! I still had more to do!! :LOL
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ive had a few twinges today.. Ive noticed a increase in discharge.. Hoping that the "plug" will follow here soon..
Lisa.. I havent talked to the officer since that day of my sworn statement.. BUt I did get my Fraud package from the company.. I had to fill that out and get copies made which dh brought to me today.. So I have to send that in to them. So I wont be the one responsible for the charges she made! Yea you can say I have had a rough couple of weeks :LOL
Indigo~ I am so glad you still stop in and keep us informed on your wee little one. I still cant believe you were the first one to have her.. It seems like we all still have so much time left.. But we dont
teachma ... I am excited to hear how the next few days go!! So wonderful and exciting.. My dd#1 was 3 days early and then dd#2 was over 2 weeks late LOl. So they just let you know when they want to come.. In dd#2 case we had to get her because she never wanted to leave
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Hello mamitas,

Can I jump into the crowd here? I'm due April 18 with my first, very excited, scared s***less too (about the transition to motherhood--eek), feelin' large and not very in charge.

It's sunday, 5:30 am, insomnia strikes. I've been awake since 3. There are fireworks happening somewhere close by, what are these people thinking.

Papa's Mexican, I live close by the inlaws, I'm blonde/blue, excited to see what sort of genes come out of this! My family are large folk, and his are teeny.

The beautiful news is that domestic help is inexpensive...yes Maria is coming full time once the baby's born, a wonderful woman who will cost around $200 a month....cook and clean and launder! Ohhhhh yes, latin america! It's the norm to have help around here, not a luxury!

Anyway, I look forward to reading--and commiserating--through this tail end of the incredible journey...
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Welcome elsanne.

I am feeling "better" today than last night, which means it probably was just my imagination or something. I did wake up with a slight lower backache which is still here. Nw I think I am just looking for signs like some of the rest of you! Indigo, it is so nice to hear from you. How is she doing? 2.5 weeks "early" would have been a major shock to me, too!
GoodWill, I hope you don't have a big dog and that you didn't bathe in the tub! I have to practically get into the tub with my son to bathe him these days; bending down just doesn't work!I can't imagine bathing an animal at this point.
Well, on the agenda today: finish up the last 6 of my 2nd graders' report cards (bleeccch), go to the mall and check out the Pottery Barn dining set I am trying to convince dh to buy for our new house. Closing date is 4/9. What a stressful next few weeks!
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35 weeks today only 3 more weeks to go unless I go in before my induction date. which is a possiablity. last night I had contrations and sometimes they were crampy. but I ignored them and went to sleep anyways. I had a few this morning when I woke up but nothing to bad. my in laws brought the bassinet over last night how sweet of them so I dont have to worry about that anymore Ive been nesting since yesterday I only have to wash the Carseat cover and then Iam done other then scrubing the house maybe this next weekend. Iam just getting so excited for Chloe I cannot wait to hold her and see who she is going to look like. well I better go and rest some Iam tired from all of this nesting hope everyone is doing well.

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Our date went GREAT! We went to eat at this place that we've never been too before and we did the whole thing...appetizer, drinks (my dr. ok'd 1/2 glass of wine for me), dinner, dessert. It was the most we've ever spent on dinner for just the two of us. But, it was so worth it. At the end, a piano player and singer entertained and that was nice too.

Then we headed over to opry mills to catch a movie, but due to our timing not much was showing at that time. We decided to walk around and catch one of the showings of Passion. We walked the entire length of the mall which is so far. My feet and hands started to swell, which I don't have problems with swelling during my pregnancies. I sat through the entire movie without having to go to the restroom. By the time the movie was over, I could barely get my boots on my feet had swelled so much!

We got home at midnight, I feel very lucky, spoiled and pampered today. Now I feel like this baby can come anytime now that we've had our "Our Time". The best part of the whole evening was we used a new sitter and she said to just pay her whatever. So, we wound up paying her $6 an hour...the least expensive sitter we've used since moving to TN. She said that Genevieve was so easy too, but we all ready knew that.

Today, we got a lot of stuff done around the house. More things unpacked and I finally am at peace with the move. Like I said, now this baby can come and I won't feel stressed about the things I wish I had gotten done before she arrived...because now they're all done.

Have a great week!
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Kaylee, that's awesome about your date. DH and I went on February 19 for our anniversary... Spent a whole whole lot on our food, but, hey, it was good! We left feeling like stuffed pigs! :LOL

Christina, I hear you about the contrax. DS2, Duncan, had his head on my belly and I had a really strong one. He laughed and said, "Hi, Adam!"

Teachma, if your DH says no to the dining set, feel free to buy it and send it to me. I Pottery Barn. Also World Imports. If you have one. We need a big Mead Hall style table to fit all of us. And, oh, yes, I bathed the dog outside 'cause it's 85 degrees out there. She still smells like skunk.

Elsanne, welcome! I know it's scary moving from no kids to a kid. Believe me, the only bigger transition is from one kid to two or three. BTDT. If you need anything, let me know. I 'll do what I can! I can totally relate to feeling huge. The other day, my daughter, Natalie, asked me if my tummy hurt. I said, "A little." Her twin, Duncan, said, "It's not little, it's BIG!" : I thought I was going to die laughing. Outta the mouths of babes. That's great that you'll have help after you deliver. I will, too, but in the form of annoying mothers... Mine. My MIL is not so annoying. She's very supportive of BFing, CDing, and co sleeping. My mother, not at all. You take what you can get!

Christy, at least you have that going for you! I'm glad you're feeling some "interesting" things. Perhaps something "interesting" will happen! :LOL

Indigolilly, I thought you'd abandoned us for greener pastures! Thanks for checking in! We are hoping soooooo bad for an Aries. At any rate, is an Aries an air sign? I think it is... Not sure.
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Hey Lisa,
Our anniversary is the 17th of February. 19th is my parents anniversary!

We were unable to go out for our anniversary.
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