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Cookbooks for toddlers

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So, the other day I was talking to a mother at my local play group. She was telling me about this cookbook with pictures that her 2 and 4 year old sons love to use. They make things like granola and other easy recipes. Until she told me about this book, I did know that toddler cookbooks existed. Of course, now I want one for my son! And I won't see that mom till next week to ask her the name of the book. Although, she said it was an old book that she found at Sally Ann and may be difficult to find.

So, can anyone recommend a good toddler cookbook? I want one that is really simple with lots of pictures. Many thanks.
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That sounds awesome! I don't know of any in particular but after searching around here are a couple that look really cool

Mom and Me

Toddler Cookbook by the same author. If you look inside the pages the step by step pictures look nice

there is also a Klutz kids cookbook

and it looks like there are 2 betty crocker ones and 2 by Mollie Katzen who I love!

here are Katzens. says they are for preschoolers and up

Salad People and Pretend Soup

Wow, there are tons! they look very cool and I'll definitely have to get one for my niece and nephew!
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Thanks for posting. These books look great! I found the katzen books last night but I don't know which one is better- pretend soup or salad people.

I'll find out what that book the mom at play group uses and report back here with the title. But it won't be until sometime after the weekend.
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There's one I've seen called "Cook it in a Cup" that I want to try. I haven't seen it in person, so I'm not sure what ages it's geared towards, but I think DD would like making small portions just for her.
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