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Not exactly the same, but in a similar vein, my 7 year old informed me that at her school, if they wear "noodle straps" (meaning spaghetti straps), they have to wear another shirt over it. It was so cute.  Kind of made me sad because at 7, she doesn't have many of the cute mispronunciations anymore. 

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My ds says "Good Monering"  which I love!  And he calls band-aids "peanut butters" because of their color.  

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embone was the elbow.

kneepit was the back of the leg. 


The neighbor boy was playing Call of Duty... yeah not a good choice but he told my girls about it and they told me he was playing Call of Booty. 

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My 2yo was looking for "toads" in the fire the other night.  (Coals).


Dd(6.5) still says "comtrable", "reFrigrator", and "reraser".


Ds(4) says "lemalade"


And, a little different, but dd3 (13mo) was exclaiming over and over "Airplane!" her new word as she pointed at the sky.  Suddenly she got this puzzled look and grabbed her hair and asked me with her eyes.  I said, "Hair."  She said, "Airplane?" I said, "Hair.  Airplane" and really stretched out the sounds.  She seemed to get it then.  I just thought it was amazing that she was putting together words like that already.

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I still use my kids mispronunciations years after they can say them correctly... and I get corrected for it now!


Calendar = clandider

Cantaloupe = cowabloop

Sandwich = ampanch

Brother = buvvah

Spaghetti = forgetti

Andrew = Andoo


DS used to say he was going to "Wook out the Lindow" to see if Gramma was coming. That always cracked me up.

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bulldozer:  doolbozer

refrigerator:  fray-frayger (my ABSOLUTE favorite!)

cantaloup:  plope plope

yogurt:  odurt

airplane:  hairpain


my boys are 4 and 6 now and they sometimes ask "how did i use to say ____?" b/c they know how much i love their old mispronounciations!

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My 8 yr old has always adored Woody frm Toy Story and has a Woody lantern night light that to this DAY he calls a lamp-atern, just makes sense to him. :)

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"Oh I just read this whole thread. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time. One thing my oldest (now 33) used to say was yo-GRET. I've heard other kids say it that way in the supermarket and it always makes me nostalgic for those days. One day when he was 3 he was telling me things he was going to do when he grew up ("When I grow up I'm going to have bad habits like my Daddy!") One of the things on his list was "I'm going to say maza -GEEN like a grown up." I don't think he'd said the word before and just couldn't figure out what he meant maza-GEEN. After he repeated it several times I said "Use it in a sentence." Immediately I thought "He's 3. He doesn't know what a sentance is." He said "Mommy reads a maza-GEEN." Yeah, he knew what a sentence was.


Now I'm helping raise 4yo twin boys. Our laptops are compyooners. They used to be pyooners. When we go food shopping G frequently asks "Is it reGANic?" His pajamas are Kajamas, potatoes are Kataydoes. Vitamins are bite-amins. B calls hamburgers hang-ga-gers. For the longest time they said fish backwards. So pre-emptively we would start saying "Look at all the fish, boys" as we walked into a seafood restaurant lest they start talking about the "shi*."

G likes his ba-sketty and other noodles without sauce or anything else on them. He says he doesn't like them dirty. B used to say shock-it nilk when he wanted chocolate milk. I don't correct them. I think they're too cute. They correct themselves soon enough and then I miss the cute ways they said things.


More: When G was thirsty and hadn't yet learned the word he said "Mommy, I'm empty of drink." I love how little kids use the language they have to express concepts they haven't yet learned the words to say. He also asks for help to turn his shirts or pants "outside out"

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My 2 YO has some cute ones. She's obsessed with "Yippers" (zippers) and she also tries to get her hands on my yizzers (scissors) and sip-sops (flip-flops).
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this is funny, because my 9 yo was an amazing early speaker and I rarely corrected her. one that somehow slipped through was 'everything' which she pronounces 'etherything'. she's in the fourth grade and refuses to acknowledge my corrections now. i'm not encouraging rabid correction of early speakers but i wish somehow i'd gotten through when she was little!!

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Just so you know, correcting doesn't mean you won't ever hear it again. DD used to say sammich, instead of sandwich, she was corrected and said it properly for a while but now she just prefers sammich.

Also our whole family calls grilled cheese, girled cheese. So DD calls them girled cheese sammiches.

My dad is from Kentucky and has said "sammich" his whole life.


DD just turned 3 and called all her birthday presents "birthday presidents." ROTFLMAO.gif


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3 yo says 'willn't' instead of 'won't'. Its really hard to understand if she's saying 'will' or 'willnt' but when I told the older bros about it and they tried to teach her 'won't' i realized i'd be sad to see 'willn't' go. It's pretty much her last mispronunciation (maybe more to come?). 


however, my 10 year old and his best friend have always called pokemon evolutions as 'evulsions'. I asked him about it recently, becuase I don' tknow all that poke-speak and he said it is 'evlusions.' I looked it up in a 'poke-book' and it is written 'evolution' but he insisted in poke it is pronounced 'evulsions.' Um, ok. then I kinda regretted pointing it out because at 10 there aren't so many kiddie qualities still around. 

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According to my 4yo ds a caterpillar builds a "raccoon" and later comes out a butterfly!  It cracks me up every time...


He also says that his "tummy has a head-egg" (headache) if he has a tummy ache.


Oh yes and cucumbers are "cu-ca-mumbers".


ETA.. oooh.. I remembered another one.  Vampires are "vam-pirates".



twins.gif My kids had tummy-eggs!


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My DD called woodpeckers "knock-knock crows"... and shortly after she invented that, crows became "black no-knock-knock crows" LOL!


DS had one recently that was pretty funny... he's 9 and rarely mispronounces anything anymore. They were playing Little Big Planet and it has tutorials for setting up you own level. He was telling me about the 'terratorals' and I asked what that was. He explained that its instructions on how to do something and I said "Oh, you mean tutorials" and he said "Yeah, terratorals." So I asked him if they had one on pronunciation (he didn't get it)

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DS2 was telling me something about "Daddy's wince-pit." After many questions he finally said "Daddy's bwew wince-pit" I realized then he was saying "blue rinse-spit," meaning mouthwash. DS3 (his twin) calls instructions "the constructions." They both say build-dozer instead of bulldozer. Makes sense to me.


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My friends little girl says "canamel" instead of camel, and that is the most adorable thing ever, I think.

Are you my friend IRL???  Because I *just* came here to post this!  My DD is 5 and still says "canimal". Which I love because she never went through the cute pronunciation phase but rather talked like a kindergartner by the time she was two.  


Funny sayings in our house:


- popsicles are both actual popsicles AND lollipops


- DD1 (5) uses 'otherwise' instead of 'anyway'


- DD2's favorite restaurant food:  macamowee and beanies



My niece called popsicles "fuckoles" for a very long time. Talk about laughing until you pee your pants!

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camuger (computer)

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poo-partment (apartment)

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fowler (flower)


umputer (computer)


rainging (raining)


saleep (sleep)


uncle (ankle)


Jimz (his name- James)


dot (dark)


and my favorites-


yus (yes- must be said in a strong, butler-type tone)


moi-bay (maybe)

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