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My absolute favorite is when my nearly four year old asks me to "holg" her.

You all are right, it does go so fast..
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I rarely correct DS on his mispronunciations b/c I love them too much :

snikal = signal
e-mote = remote
scusi = excuse me (which is funny, since he's got it 'right' if he's speaking Italian, lol)
twenties = Wendy's
yehwhoa = yellow

there are so many more I am forgetting
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DD (3yo) says polka-nuts instead of polka-dots. Just today, she learned Tinkerbell, instead of that she said "stinkerbell".
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I love Lellow for Yellow too!

"Speficular." It's a combination of the words "specific" and "particular," as in, "I chose that speficular color because I know it's your favorite!" Makes me smile every time.
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I have a 4 yo and a 5 yo, there is a LOT of special words around here

Huxtable - hospital
Retch-urant - restaurant
Un-dee-wear - underwear
Bus-getti - Spaghetti
Gorilla bar - Granola bar
Dyna-mins - Vitamins
Fremote - Remote
Gorl - Girl
Crack-A-Dial - Crocodile
Wifers - Wafers
Kitchen - Chicken
Whoop cream - whip cream
Mudd Pleasure - Blood Pressure
Pacon - Bacon

There is tons more, but yeah, I cant remember it now
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I love these! I have a 3 y/o and 5 y/o. We have all kinds of cute mispronunciations around here, although some of them have already gone by the wayside. Kids grow up so quick.

boo=moo (i.e. they are pretending to be cows, and all I hear is "Boo! Boo!")
on e mark, e set, go!=on your mark, get set go!
The 3y/o sang the alphabet and said "Coo" instead of "Q". Cutest thing ever.
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All weekend my 4yo DD was saying 'I want to go in the hamper' instead of 'hammock'. And another funny one is, for awhile she would say 'I don't matter' when she was trying to say, kindly, 'It doesn't matter'!

My 7yo DS keeps calling his molars that are growing in the back of his mouth his molders or perhaps Fox Moulders.
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I love these kind of threads!

DD used to say "snizzers" for scissors. She's recently started pronouncing it correctly and I have to admit, I miss snizzers. It was so cute to hear her say it, our whole house referred to scissors as snizzers. My SIL thought it was so funny, she told her class of Grade 5s and they even started calling them snizzers. LOL!

The Canadians here will probably get a chuckle out of this one... DD also calls Tim Horton's "Tim Portants." It's so funny because it sounds like she's saying "important," which for most Canadians, a cup of Timmies is a pretty important part of the day.
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My favorite ever was hopter hopter for helicopter, but I was okay with it when that turned into hellocopter. Now she says it right and it makes me sad every time.

She still says:
lafftop - laptop
baby - maybe
togever - together
wapido - cuatro
grudge - garage
mapkin - napkin

DH just found out a couple of weeks ago that a "whiff broom" is actually called a whisk broom. That one lasted 37 years...
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My kiddo is very articulate and does not have too many wrong words. But there is one that I adore. Computer is "comp-en-pooter". It started out more like "cap-an-pooter", so it's already fading. DH and I use it though, so it might stick for a bit.

A while ago, he was calling my uncle Marty "Uncle Bumpity". There's a game on the compenpooter that we call the bumpity game, and he had never heard the name Marty before, so he picked the closest word he had. It was cute!
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Okay, not really a mispronunciation but evidence that these things can last a long time and will likely go on a few generations. My little sister thought the remote control looked like my dad's beeper (over 20 years ago so they were big!) so she called it her beeper. Now I'll ask DH "where's the beeper?"
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"licious" for "delicious"--"Mmm, this is very licious!"

"Amimal" for "animal"

and in our house, a caterpillar is a "callapilla" (funny how often that one gets mentioned!)

Not a mispronunciation, but he also says "What is this book called about?" for "What is this book called?"
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My 4 year old DD says "LELLOW" too. And "LEMONTINES DAY" instead of Valentine's Day. Adorable.
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The only things my big boys mispronounce that I can think of is smarshmallows and shushi (like a few others have mentioned). I do miss their mix-ups. I've noticed that a lot of my 6 year old's mixups have disappeared with the start of reading.. when he can see the word spelled out, he realizes the right way to say it.

Fiona on the other hand.. she likes to eat dummus and crackers. If we try to help her by really emphasizing the H sound, she'll say huh-dummus. She also wears her baby soup to go swimming. And her favorite snack is no-e-os dipped in milk (oreos). Actually, she puts a N in front of lots of words that start with O.. like she'll ask me to nopen something for her.
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DD, who just turned 6, still says "french dries" instead of "fries."

Both of my kids (DS is 4.5) recently still said "pad-run" for "pattern" and "Sad-run" for "Saturn."

And when they are working on a puzzle or coloring a picture, they refer to the "out-ground," which is either the background or the outline--anything outside of the main picture.

DS used to have to roll up his "skleeves" before washing his hands, and his stuffed penguin is still named "Pill-ghin" because that's what he thought a penguin was called for ages.
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Smashed potatoes for mashed potatoes, and wack-a-moley for guacamole.
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I always liked this too till my 7 year old came home from school and said mom, you know all this time you let me say Beef Turkey, when actually its Beef Jerky.. I was like ahh but it is so cute, and I just got the evil glare.. So now we try to use proper names for proper things..
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The one that sticks out the most for my now 6 YO was when she'd say free-got instead of forgot. But just the other day she said something was ig-nop-shis (obnoxious). LOL!
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We have a "fremote" for the TV too....that's even what I call it now.

And a globe is the "erf" not Earth. I got a world of crap from my ex about my son possibly having a lisp and that he should be taken to a speech therapist and almost considered it until I realized I was saying ERF to him and it's the only "TH' that he says with an F.
I still don't correct it because I think it's cute and internally giggle every time.

The sewar is a "zooer".

Thumb tacks are "peenchy-pokies". No matter how many times I say, "OH! You mean a thumb tack!" they are still "peenchy pokies".
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My very favorite is when ds1 says canoeing. It comes out "ka-NOW-ing" or "ga-NOW-ing." So cute.
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