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Of course you should tell us about the names! Of course we won't think it's silly!

That is weird about the cord blood donation. I thought that around here it's free, if you give it to the Red Cross. As far as I knew, when you indicate that you want to donate it, they are there ready when you're in labor, and come in really quick as soon as the placenta's out, grab what they need, and leave. I thought it was free if they do it. I didn't know anything about the doctor charging $ to collect it...?! Maybe I'm clueless.

Good news on the cysts not growing - you've come this far with nothing major happening - you're gonna make it!

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How we all doin?

KK-so glad the cysts aren't growing anymore, and that your baby is A-OK.

Welcome Molly-I forgot to welcome you earlier!

mamameg-so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Hopefully you can work together with your care provider to come up with a birth that you both are comfortable with.

Sarah-congrats on finding a good photographer for your pg shots. Sounds awesome!

I know I'm forgetting alot of you. Hope you all are feeling/doing well.

Had a checkup today. Doc told me that there were some white blood cells in my urine today, so he's sending it off for a urinalysis at the hospital lab. As strange as it sounds, I kinda hope I do have a UTI, because that would explain so much. I've been peeing alot, been *really* tired, and very emotional. Everything either makes me mad or makes me cry. All of these are typical UTI symptoms for me, but I just chalked them all up to being pg, since alot of it is the same. I've had more than my share of UTI's in my life, so I should have known better. We'll see. Hopefully if there is an infection I can find out before the weekend. I'm 35 weeks, so I'm now doing the weekly appts. Next week is the Group B Strep test. Joy. : I'll ask my friend to watch my dd, cause I don't feel like having to chase her down in the exam room whilst my legs are spread wide in the air. :LOL

I am *so* bummed. I sat down to start sewing some dipes for this babe. I seem to have lost the directions for the pattern I just bought! I have the pattern, but no directions. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't really want to buy the pattern all over again (HB Home) but I don't know how to do it myself, either, with those tabs they have on them.

OK, enough rambling from me. Hope you all are doing well!
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KKmama..so glad to hear those cysts aren't growing...

Sarah's mamma, I'm up for the Group B strep test this coming wed too....lovely!!!!!!!

Re the slings...I've been wondering too...I have an OTSBH that I really loved for Ds when he was older but didn't use one fo rhis as an infant cause the ones I was given (a homemade OTSBH and maya) were made of organic cotten, which I love but it was too thick to work well, especially on the OTSBH...so I'm trying to decide if I should try the maya and the OTSBH that I have with the new baby or look for something different????? Kinda broke now though so leaning toward trying again and if they really suck getting something then

I'm all of a sudden in shock about the arrival of this little one also. I can't believe it is so soon...I keep looking at calandars and getting freaked out. I have to surrender to the flow though cause this is the part that I have the least control over (when will the baby come, how will labor go etc) and I know that is why it is so hard.....I know it will all be so great though!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well
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before everybody thinks i've gone awol, i better post something....

about the sling discussion: i've got the maya wrap and basically liked it for ds even though he didn't care for it. from day one he wanted to see everything around him, so laying him down in the sling made him furios. and i never mastered the art of nursing him in the sling. but i'm dtermined to make it work with the next babe.

i haven't seen my mw's in almost 2 months, before i left the country i was supposed to go in one more time, but had some passport issues and had to cancel due to other appts. now i need to go in on the 5th of april for my gtt and i'm wondering if that's neccesary this late, i'll be 32 weeks. if anything was wrong with my bloodsugar, wouldn't i have noticed by now?

i'm a little sad that the baby's not moving as much anymore, she's running out of room. this means this pregnancy is almost over and i'll never feel a baby kick inside of me anymore. dh says we're done... ... so i'm enjoying the last months and won't be too impatient to meet her.

my hips are spreading and i feel sore allover 'down there'. it's gonna be a pleasant flight back home on monday, with a sore ass and a screaming toddler...you guys think of me please :

anybody wanna discuss names, i don't think it's silly. we have no clue how to name this little one. dh doesn't agree with me and it's gonna be an exhausting discussion til we reach common ground.

i better go, ds is taking my mom's house apart. poor woman is already constantly close to crying cause we won't see her for another year again. i try not to think about it. good thing i left dh at home, or else that stupid plane would leave without me on monday...:
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jakobsmami, due to my firing my first midwife and having to find a new one, I missed my appointment where I might have had the GTT.

When I finally found a midwife, I was about 31/32 weeks, and they said it was too late. There's a 2 or 3 week window for the GTT, and they said it's at its most accurate then (if you can even call that test accurate at all), but after that time it's too late.

Oddly, I happened to have a floopy urine glucose test at that visit, so they took some blood to do some weird test...checked how I had been controlling my glucose for the last 6 weeks? Sounds like magic to me. But it came back just perfect.
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Good morning, all!

Annika - just wanted to give you a and tell you I know how you feel about leaving your mom. I am missing my mom (and dad) so much these days - they're in Florida, I'm in Oregon, we see each other 1-2x a year. My mom and I talk on the phone at least 2x week and email every day, but it's so hard to go through this without her! I don't even want to think about the babe not knowing them well and seeing them only 1x year...

Anyway, on a lighter note, I'm feeling better than I have in a few days - lots of heartburn, stretching pain, and fatigue in the past few days. But overall fine and much better today. I actually cooked my DH breakfast instead of the other way around , which is how it's been lately.

Ordered the diaper service yesterday (will use only for the first month or two). Also finishing up collecting everything for the homebirth. One more month!

Happy Friday!

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scbegonias- your biking stories inspired me. I was a bike commuter for 5 years in Portland, OR before I got a teaching job on a scary, scary country road in the burbs. Had to buy a car, and it's made me lazy ever since.

Anyhow, I hadn't been on a bike since the first trimester, but I decided to give it a try Wednesday to run an errand. Wow! Super easy. Really, it feels like I'm not even pregnant. MUCH easier than walking as a preggo.

Spring Break was too short. I spent one day at school packing out all my personal teaching supplies, and another long school day grading and planning. Then 2 days running errands I never have time to do since I work 50 hrs a week. But Monday was awesome- I took the whole day to just enjoy myself. Pure bliss!

Peace, mommas
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Look! There's a new subforum thingy in I'm Pregnant! There's now a page devoted to due date months! And the link above will take you to a new thread for May! Yea!!!!
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