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Teeth Becoming Transparent

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I started using a homemade toothpaste of cocnut oil and bronner's liquid soap over a month ago. Yesterday I looked at my teeth and found they are going very noticably transparent! I never had this problem with normal toothpaste and I'm really worried now! Does anyone have any advice or know what might cause it? It's actually scared me into going back to mainstream toothpaste.
I worry a lot about my teeth as it is, but now I'm really worried it'll be irriversable
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I don't know why that would happen with a new product for brushing. I've had that due to nutrition issues, but the timing of yours seems to make that less likely.

I use ecodent tooth powder, partly because it's supposed to help remineralize teeth (haven't had cavities here, knock on wood, but because I felt we were more at risk than most). We like the cinnamon flavor, the mint not so much, and I hear lemon-lime is good too.
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I'm currently using Sensodyne Pronamel, just out of pure desperation, but once I feel a bit better about my teeth I'll see if I can find somewhere that sells Ecodent. I have also been having raw egg and liver smoothies to help remineralise them.
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I am having ths problem too.. any other ways to remineralize them?
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