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Originally Posted by lapis View Post
although I'm also sending super for your teardrop baby!
awwww, that's super cute! Thank you for understanding. I'm a bit baffled this morning, to be honest, because my ultrasound showed no cyst and a rather thin lining. Where did my 9mm lining go? And why have I been in so much pain? Baffled, but SO relieved. I hope my bloodwork shows good news, too. I think this month calls for a SERIOUSLY laid-back approach after the stress of the past two cycles.

I hear you on wanting to not go through this again. I really want at least two kids, but I can tell you I'm laying all my chips on either twins or an early "oopsie" after the first. (note the affirmation: I will have a first ) I'm glad your dog is giving you so much comfort, and also that you've been able to bond with it since I'm sure that makes your DH happy, too.

MrsNap, I took Clomid at bedtime to minimize symptoms, too. My only beef with Clomid was the raging lunatic hormonal effect, which was bad for me. I hope it has little side-effects on you!

Kyamo, wow I'm so glad you're Oing in the teens now! I had one cycle that went to day 20 and I swear it almost killed me. That must have been really hard.

millefleur, thanks for the ! I hope you're feeling close to 100% now!
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Tear! Yay for no cysts! And I am totally on board with your affirmation. Yes, yes you WILL have a first! I have no doubt. And then you'll probably be one of those people who goes on to unexpectedly have another right away.

My temp shot up today at CD18, which with CM, seems to tell me that I did indeed O yesterday at CD17! A good three days earlier than usual! My temp isn't totally accurate because an epic thunderstorm woke me up in the middle of the night, then it took me awhile to get back to sleep so I didn't get three full hours before I temped. Also I was having a really stressful dream and am pretty sure I was tossing and turning. But still, I've never seen it go over 98 pre-O before.

I almost wonder if I DID have a chemical last cycle--no BFP, but my LP was two days longer and AF was noticeably heavier. In the past LP length hasn't seemed to affect how heavy AF is. Could it be my body somehow reset itself and that's why I'm Oing earlier this month? Probably just wishful thinking.
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Hi Ladies!

So day 1 on clomid not too terrible...took it last night before bed, and working with 10 2yr olds all day is pretty draining, but i did have some serious hot flashes today, that's about it. I also feel pretty tired, anyone else get extremely tired/exhausted while taking clomid? Like I could close me eyes and sleep at any point during the day.

I'm actually heading to bed, can't even wait up for hubby to get home! I figure we don't have to start BD'ing like crazy until next week LOL

Any pointers for clomid are very welcome!

hugs to all you ladies this week, may god bless us all!!
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Nap , I have no clomid pointers but I'm thinking of you and hope it all goes by quickly and easily... and that you make a baby ...

AFM: just countin' down the days until next weeks appointment... MF I'll be thinking of you on tuesday!

Tear: I'm still hugging you! and awesome on the no cyst!!!

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Tear: If you're reading along while you're on your break, thinking of you! So relieved you had no cyst and hoping you are doing all right.

Mrs.Nap: How's that Clomid treating you? Good I hope!

I feel like if I manage to have one baby I will never put myself through this agony again. I mean a second child is fine and would be welcome but I just feel like I can happily live with one and I feel like my marriage ( also if I already have one child) should not have to go through this again. some days I feel SO tired. just so so tired.
I feel so exactly the same way lapis. I cannot wait for the results your appointment this week!

Blanca, Kyamo, everyone else How ya doing?

Here's some for everyone!

AFM: Just feeling SO QUIET lately. I don't even know what CD I am on - maybe 20ish? Probably AF will be due in about a week. I guess that means I am halfway through the TWW then. I'm pretty sure I O'ed at some point because the progesterone has been coming on strong the past couple of days. Sore boobs, zits, nausea, super weepy, blah blah. But it was nice to not obsess this month. We didn't try, we didn't not try. I didn't temp, didn't chart, didn't check CF. Ahhh.

My OB appt. was pretty useless today, unfortunately. He said he'd prescribe Femara if I wanted (but I'm not ready yet) and I asked that if I do decide to do that at some point I'd like to be monitored with bloodwork and ultrasounds. He didn't do an ultrasound today, it was just a "talking appointment" but he gave me a script for an ultrasound because I asked. After taking Clomid last month I just want to be sure that I have no cysts or anything. Probably better late than never. I don't know about this guy - he's a little too casual. That can be good, but not really in this case.

The good news is that DP will be switching health insurance plans soon, so even though I still can't go to an RE (not ready anyway) he can probably get a SA in the next month or so!

Feeling pretty chill overall, just relaxing about things for now. Hope the TWW weepiness is over soon. Bleh.
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Originally Posted by millefleur View Post

Blanca, Kyamo, everyone else How ya doing?

Thanks for asking. I'm 12DPO, I got a BFN yesterday, but I know I'm not out yet. I'm expecting AF Saturday or Sunday.
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MF: yeah, he does sound a bit too casual. is there a way that you'll be able to get on that new insurance DP is getting and see an RE or is that not likely? From what I understand OBGYN's aren't always the best to see for fertility problems. like they know a little but that isn't really their speciality... even thought to me it REALLY seems like it should be something they know a lot about. are there some things that your insurance will cover but he's just not offering to do them (yet) or is it more about insurance?

Kyamo: oh I hope that PFN turns into a BFP! and we are kind of cycle buddies... i'm due sometime between friday and tuesday...

afm: just got back from my doctors appointment. it went well and he did a vaginal ultrasound and wants me to come back after AF to do another one to see if all the endometrium is really just a heavy period or if its just hanging out in there after AF. but I did have to insist that no, I don't want to use a fertility monitor as my next course of action, I think something else is going on and I'm ready to do the Lap surgery and the hsg. and he agreed that would be a fine next step. I wont be getting it done from him but instead at the public hospital (I wont go into how the insurance works here but basically there is public and private and doctors who do a bit of both... he does public check ups but not public surgery)... anyhow now all i have to do is call and make an appointment. and apparently its at least an overnight stay in the hospital here.

as for the lap surgery, he wants me to have both one through the belly button and also through the cervix into the uterus and the HSG at the same time. anyone have experience with this?

Tear, Nap, Blanca, just thinking, rochelle, rainy, keria, spinnerette, mrsD08, ... how are you?

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Thanks for asking, Lapis! I'm glad your doctor's appointment went well. It sounds like you are being clear about your needs/wants--good for you. I hope your surgery goes well and gets you some answers.

Kyamo--saw on The One that you had a temp drop. I hope it's just a fluke.

Everyone else--hope you're all well...

Uh--I think I maybe got something on an internet cheapie this morning at 9 DPO? It's ohhhhh so faint, but there's *something* there. I guess time will tell if it's an evap, but I think I can see pink. And, I lined it up next to one I took a couple days ago just for kicks, and there's definitely nothing at all there on that one, but I can see the pinkish shadow on today's.

I'm not calling anything until I have something more definitive--this is a definite maybe, and I don't think it would even show up in a photo. It's also possible it's a very convincing evap. I'm trying not to get worked up but I guess I feel hopeful.
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blanca: i'm rooting for ya
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aaannnddd.... AF has arrived... on to cycle 30 (when we stopped using birth control)/26 (when we started trying). this is "fun"
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Sorry lapis. My AF is here too. This next cycle is my last chance the doc will give me on clomid, I think.
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I think I remember being so hopeful for AF in middle school... just waiting for her first visit..... and now, she just ticks me off!

I think I stressed myself out last cycle, ended up with a 22 day anovulatory cycle . I was just SO excited that I had a pretty chart the cycle before, and then all the BFPs I've heard about IRL, but AF's back, I'm trying not to stress, and just seeing what happens... again.

Hopin' for a great round of good luck (sticky BFPs!!!) for everyone here!!!

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Ugh, to those who got AF.

Rainy--funny, I dreaded when she would show up, because it freaked me out. Then I tried to keep it secret from my mom but she found my underwear--so embarrassing! Though I remember I really, really, really wanted breasts.

Anyway, well, I did get a BFP yesterday! I'm trying not to stress because they don't seem to be getting much darker on the ICs, though Answer was pretty clear yesterday morning. And I'm only 11DPO today, so it's still early. Just trying to breathe and appreciate that I am pregnant in this moment. It's really hard not to worry, because my only other pregnancy was a loss.

to all of you!
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blanca! yes!!! yipee!!! congrats congrats just revel in the moment
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Blanca - My FB-addiction makes me want to click "LIKE" under your post... But YAY!!!!! SO Exciting! Hopefully this is the start of a trend for this thread!!

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Hi Ladies!

Just wanted to write a quick note to say I'll be in Cape Cod until Wednesday. I am bringing my laptop but I'm not sure if I will have internet access there or not.

AF is due Tuesday-ish, we'll see...

I am still so exhausted and weepy and nauseated - the smell of garlic is making me die - if I didn't think I was every month I would swear I was...you know...but I have been tricked so many times before. My PMS symptoms mock pregnancy symptoms more and more every month.

lapis I'm so so sorry about AF and particularly her significance this month. Good for you for being so assertive about your doctor appointment. The answers are coming!

Kyamo Sorry AF found you too!

Rainy and

Originally Posted by Blanca78 View Post
Then I tried to keep it secret from my mom but she found my underwear--so embarrassing!
OMG I did the EXACT same thing!

And Blanca Yeah!!!!
Congratulations on that BFP!

Everyone else... and

Going to pack for my trip! Talk to you when I return later this week!
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