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I think that one's definition of "all" plays a major part. I never wanted a perfectly decorated, spotlessly clean, no one lives here house. I wanted a home where people laughed, cried, played, and worked--a lived in home. I wanted kids who wore clothes that they could climb trees, run around, and get dirty. I wanted kids who spoke their own minds and thought for themselves. Which means that I had kids who didn't listen to me the first time and who would "break the rules" when what they wanted to do was worth more than following the family rules that they agreed to. I wanted good healthy basic food and not spend hours either shopping for it or cooking it. I wanted a healthy diet that included birthday cake, millions of cookies at Christmas, candy at Halloween, fast food every now and then. I wanted a life that I liked getting up and facing every morning (or in the middle of the night) more than I dreaded it. when I started to dread something, I changed it. Or learned to move on if I couldn't. But over all, I have the life I wanted. It has had it's ups and downs and it's bumps in the road. But that's life. I didn't plan to have 2 special needs children but I wouldn't change them for normal children at all. I have a dh who helps around the house but who also treats his job/career as a second family. His mistress is his job and I have to every now and then remind him that we are his first family and we come first. I have learned that when life overwhelms me, to let everyone know that and to take some time off for me if I need to. I didn't plan on having a 4th child 13 years after my 3rd, but life happens and I wouldn't give him up for the world. Even though he drives me crazy. It's a good thing that I never had a picture of this perfect life that I was going to have. Because I would have been very disappointed and would have missed all the fun along the way. Life is a journey to be enjoyed. Sure there are parts that I wished I didn't have to go through but without them life would have been boring with no color or flavor. There are no highs without lows. The trick is to change what you can and know what you can't. And to live the lows not just endure them. And count your blessings during them.

Anyway that's my 2 cents worth of living, loving, and being married for 37 years. If any of this makes sense to anyone. Over all, I have enjoyed my life, my dh, my jobs, my kids, and I wouldn't change anything even if I did have the chance to go back and relive my life.