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Anxeity is getting worse - help!

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I've always been someone who worries, but since having a child, I feel like it's getting worse. I think daily about the possibility of losing my child (DS, who is 2 1/2) to illness or accident. I think part of my worrying too is that he will be an only child and some deep down regret that we won't have another (my pregnancy had many complications and I'm to scared to go through another).

I also cannot sleep when my husband and/or husband and son are away. If my husband goes out at night, I cannot sleep until he gets back. I have these thoughts that someone is going to break into my house. If both my husband and son are gone for a night visiting grandma or something, same thing, I can't sleep until the sun comes up (which is a problem if I have to work in the morning!).

I feel like these thoughts of losing my son are getting worse. I am afraid to see my dr b/c I think she would be very quick to prescribe meds, which I don't want to do. I try to exercise daily, either by myself in the morning or my son and I go on a walk on my days off.

Any advice out there? Herbal remedies? Books?

(I also posted this in the Mental Health sub forum.)

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I think this is nutritionally based and a form of PPD, having a baby takes a lot of nutrients out of a mama.

See our own MDC mama Amanda Rose's site www.rebuildfromdepression.com for nutritional support for anxiety and depression. Also Julia Ross's book, The Mood Cure which explains more about the "chemical imbalance" that is often talked about but never fully understood by mainstream medicine as to how the body actually creates the chemicals!

You might look into amino acid supplements as well. The brain neurotransmitters are made from amino acids (protein) which can be effected by not eating enough protein, or eating too high carb, or too high processed carb/sugar (insulin sweeps out the amino acids from bloodstream) or even low stomach acid.

Lots and lots of magnesium and vitamin D really helped me a lot. And changing my diet, lots of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, etc. I cannot tell you how different I feel, even going thru the most stressful time of my life (divorce).

I would try to find an ND or MD with alternative learning to help you.
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Magnesium and fish oil helped me.

You could also try Rescue Remedy to see if that helps.
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I had something similar. It was pretty bad, but after kids, it got much worse. If my DH was working nights, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep until about 3am, just from anxiety. I had a knife under the mattress, and another in the closet. If I went out at night, when I'd come home (with all the deadbolts locked) I would have to check every closet and eave. I was petrified. I went off a bunch of foods that my kids were intolerant to (dairy, gluten, and soy) and lo and behold, my anxiety went wayyyyyyy down. I also started taking Magnesium (glycinate) and I think I am now "normal" in the realm of anxiety. I don't check the closets all the time, and I sleep while my DH is working. I don't know which food it was that did it for me, though I do know that when I tried water buffalo cheese (to see if it would be tolerated) I got anxiety and wicked nightmares back so that may have been the culprit. So it could be a food. Could be magnesium deficiency. Both helped me.
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I went to a whole foods store to buy something from anxiety because I too am feeling the same way. My DS is 2 and sine I've had him my anxiety levels went through the roof. I am almost positive that it's from a lack of some vitamin because it all started after I had my son. So at whole foods they told me that Coenzyme B complex should help with anxiety. I know that takign this alone is probably not going to help. I read a lot about magnesium deficiency and now reading your posts I think I need to start taking magnesium supplements as well. I was taking prenatal vitamins as my multivitamin per day but noticed that it doesn't have any magnesium in it. How many mg's should I be taking? Also, what is a good overall multivitamin that will work? I'm currently taking an herbal iron supplement, and b complex. I am thinking of adding magnesium. Will adding fish oil be great as well?
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I'm like this too. I always had anxiety, but having dd put it on a whole other level. She's an only too and I'm happy to say is now a very healthy, happy 6 year old! Any little fever or rash or anything reduces me to complete hysteria.

I've tried a combination of medication, therapy and holistic treatments and am still deep in the middle of working through it.

Will post later, just wanted to say a quick hello and give you a hug!
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Thanks so much carefreemoma. I feel like I really need a hug right now. I hate this debilitating feeling and hate to admit that this anxiety has such a huge affect on me. I hope we find a way to deal with it better.
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Oops, double post.
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Supplements that have helped me are: inositol and n-acetylcysteine. 5-HTP should also help. You can google them all and you'll see that they have research support with anxiety including some of the hardest to treat forms of anxiety such as OCD (which, by the way, can be all mental).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best type of non-medicine help for anxiety if you can find a therapist.
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I don't have PPD, but I have had a history of anxiety (many, many years ago), which was resolved using natural remedies - cleanses and a change in diet/lifestyle.
  • Breathe deeply
  • Sunshine during the daytime hours
  • Go to bed before 10PM for serotonin/melatonin balance
  • Flaxseed oil
  • And, eat more cleansing/eliminating foods like vegetables/fruits and not clogging foods like cheese/meat. Yes, try vegetarian for 2 weeks
  • Drink plenty of water (at least half your weight in ounces)
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Changing my diet has done wonders for me. I did it for other health reasons, and then realized my anxiety was basically gone! I eat paleo/primal, and have for 1.5 years. I think getting all whole foods with more protein and fat made the biggest difference.
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Thanks everyone for the replies. Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner. What's funny is that when I originally posted this I was just a few days away from conceiving our second! I bought some rescue remedy and that seems to help some. Staying hydrated has been challenging for me, as a mom running around with a toddler I just don't take care of myself like I used to. But not that I am pregnant, I'm really focused on making sure I drink enough water. I think good nutrition is part of this too. I have practiced yoga on and off through the years, but now I'm really diving into yoga philosophy, which is helping. It's weird though, I go though periods of time when I seem OK, and then times where I worry.Maybe the pregnancy hormones are helping...we'll see what it's like after the birth.

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I second "The Mood Cure" (and "The Diet Cure"). 

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Just a small comment regarding Rescue Remedy.  I have tried it periodically over the past ten years and never found it to do a think for me.  Same with the sleep formula.  I asked DH to try Rescue Remedy, and he felt a very slight amount of relaxation, but he is not an anxious person in the first place.  I would recommend massage therapy (if you can afford the $ and time) or just a partner's/friend's massage if you prefer.  Not to get personal, but orgasm can be very good for stress relief, whatever the method of getting there.  Breastfeeding has been my most reliable anti-anxiety strategy...all that good oxytocin and whatever that other thing is that I can't remember because I am so tired.  Good luck.

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I've started doing The Linden Method and have found it's awesome!  Since I started I haven't had an anxiety attack, and my anxiety has been at worst...about a 5 out of 10.  I was running on days of a defenite 10 out of 10 for anxiety.  If your still having problems, message me and I'll try and make you a copy of the program.  It's expensive when I bought it, but well worth it!

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Originally Posted by sbgrace View Post

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best type of non-medicine help for anxiety if you can find a therapist.



I wasn't really turned on to natural remedies when I went through my anxiety, but therapy helped me get through it & I haven't had a panic attack since finishing therapy.


You may not need to go through your doctor to find a therapist -- If you have health insurance you can call your HMOs mental health helpline & they can give you a referral. Obviously, you can find & pay for a therapist on your own if you have the means.


I think any drug (natural, herbal, etc.) will only treat the symptoms, but therapy will give you the tools you need to overcome it more long-term. I was amazed at what I discovered about myself & my fears through therapy. It was a lot of hard work after that (many tears at home & in my therapist's office) to get to a place in my life where I could be free of my anxiety, but I'm there now & it feel so much better!




And congrats on your pregnancy!

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It could be a hormonal imbalance... The link between hormonal imbalance and anxiety
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It could have been thyroid issues, as people with those sometimes feel better when pregnant. If I were you, I wold make sure to have the thyroid labs, as hypothyroidism can harm the baby. Not trying to make you feel worse, but that is such a simple little test.

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