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I fear we are headed this route with my middle dd. She is 7 and has only lost 2 teeth. One more is slightly loose and that's it. She also has a very narrow but highly arching palate. She breastfed for 8 months but because of her palate issues she wasn't gaining weight properly so we switched to bottles. This on top of the dentist already referring older dd (9) to the ortho because her bite is messed up. My dh had horribly crooked teeth and didn't get them fixed unitl he was 21 and in the Air Force. He had a jaw lengthening surgery, 8 total teeth pulled and wore braces for a long time. His palate is highly arched and narrow as well so I assumed our children might inherit his dental issues.
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This is an interesting topic - My youngest DD (4.5) was born with a cleft palate and will need expanders from age 8 till about 12 when they can do a bone graft, then she will need braces and posibly jaw surgury in there somwhere too. She will need a type of expander on both top and bottom (her botton jaw is too narrow even for her baby teeth - her two fronts have turned crossways as the molars came in)
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You might be interested in the threads discussing "midline issues" by Theloose.
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