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friends or lovers

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Dear Jamie,

An old friend and I began to fall in love earlier this year but we stepped back from it for him to do some more personal work. You indicated to me before that holding the space for “us” was just right. I’m wondering where you see the potential for us to continue in the future now - or if that potential still exists. In the past I’ve been the type to wait for things, people to fall into my lap rather than pursue or actively manifest. The last time we saw each other the chemistry still felt very strong to me and I think to him as well. Intuitively I sense we would be a good match but he is often in his head worrying about complications. I’m wondering if there will come a time when I should be more challenging or proactive in bring “us” about or if in fact maybe it’s time to let that notion of “us” go and be open to who else might be coming into my life.

I really value your insight - Thank you!
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Hello again!
The energy has definitely shifted now. I think you did the right thing in holding space and now it's time to step it up a little bit. Not pressure anything, but states your intentions more clearly. To yourself, to the Universe and to him. You may have to lead the reigns a little bit, but I do believe he will follow and then jump in the saddle himself. Seeing the situation this time I feel a lot of positivity surrounding it. I feel a lot of happy vibes and I feel it is starting to move forward. And I am not seeing all the ramifications he might be worried about. That doesn't mean there won't be any backlash. If I remember correctly there are ex's involved, or soon to be? Something like that. So it's not to say everyone in the world will be happy about it. But it will all turn out alright.
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