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Is anybody here vegetarian for spiritual/religious reasons?

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...Or am I all alone? I'd love to hear some experiences if you all are out there
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No, but we did give up meat for Lent this year. It was *really* hard, especially for DH. I know this isn't the same as being a full time veg though.

We don't belong to a denomination that has specific fasting requirements for Lent, just one that encourages giving up something that will be truly sacrificial.

Can I ask why you have made this choice for spiritual reasons?
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I agree, it is hard! First of all, you can find supporting evidence in every religion to become vegetarian, especially Christianity.

However, I'm more agnostic/spiritual than anything. In philosophy class last fall, we were discussing Buddhism/Hinduism (vegetarianism is common for them) and it segued into a conversation on the potential spiritual issues with eating meat. I believe that souls are pure. My soul (or brain, or body, or whatever it is that makes you you) is uniquely me. Therefore consuming the soul/life force of other beings seemed contradictory.
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I am! Well.. I am for health reasons, since our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

I'm "veganarian". Vegan who practices it more than 50% of the time... and vegetarian when vegan is not an option.

What do you mean by "experiences"? ...with what? Transition? Decision? Mental Clarity? Detox? ???

I've also tried the raw diet for a short time.

What we eat affects our bodies. Dr. Neil Nedley talks about foods that are good for the frontal lobe. I mention that because of this piece from article "Beyond the Tears" by Katia Reinert: Studies show that the frontal lobe is the center for our will, our thinking and reasoning, and our moral values and personality. Evidence indicates that the frontal lobe is where God communicates with 
us through the Holy Spirit, helping us to have accurate thoughts that enhance our mental health.

I do not know if you are Christian, but I thought I'd share this.
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As a church we fast from all animal products, wine, and oil for a full 50% of the year.

I was a vegan for a year and recently went back to eating meat but am going back to vegan again. Mostly for spiritual reason. I am not against eating meat on principal. I think eating meat is fine. But I work in a grocery store, in the meat department and the consumerism and gluttony is sickening. Also I KNOW what goes on in factory farms and modern meat processing facilities. Not just to the animals but to people. I cannot participate in that kind of cruelty and violence. It feels like sin to me. to be more concerned about the flavor of the food going in to my mouth than than the wreckage left in its wake. The violence against man, animal and Earth. All of Gods creation suffers under the heavy weight of factory farming and modern meat production. But I do not judge others who eat meat. We are all at our own place on this journey, ya know. Just for me, Cannot eat meat without feeling like I am participating in sin on some level.
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My whole household is vegetarian for religious reasoning. Although I am Pagan and many Pagan's aren't vegetarian, I don't believe in eating flesh. I was a big meat eater until I was 20. My 5 year old is also vegetarian and she wouldn't dream of eating meat.
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i am! it's not the only reason im vegan but one of many.
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