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shenendoah community health

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anyone have any insight on the cna's with this group in Martinsburg, wv? I need to find a new cna that can deliver in hospital since MCA doesn't take my new insurance. I donot ever want to deliver with an OB again if possible but can not do a home birth due to HTN. Any advie would be helpful. I have already been to see the Loudon County miswives and just did not get a positive vibe there....I am not currently pregnant just trying to be prepared.

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In which state or country do you live? I will put this post in the proper tribal area, and you are much more likely to get more responses from Mamas who live in the area and have used the care providers in question!
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i live in brunswick, Maryland but in close proximity to northern virginia and west virginia. thank you
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Not a problem! Off to the tribal area!
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