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Enzo's Peaceful HBAC'

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Enzo was born peacefully at home on July 22nd at 11:33pm weighing 8 lbs 9 ozs and measuring 19.5 inches. I started to feel cranky contractions the night before. I went to bed and woke up to more regular contractions at midnight and could not sleep through them. I listened to some hypnobabies tracks to try and rest a bit. I managed to sleep between contractions from about 4-5am. I continued to have contractions throughout the morning and afternoon that lasted about 45-50 seconds every 4-6 minutes. Around 5:30 the contractions started lasting a minute and happening every 4 minutes. The midwife and her assistant were just cleaning up the office and said they would head over after. They arrived around 6:30 and we all had dinner together. Around 8:30 I put my 2 year old daughter to bed. By the time I was finished things started heating up. My legs were shaking with the contractions. The midwives said that was a hood sign and I could get on the tub now.

The water felt great. I labored for another hour or so before I started to feel pushy. When I started up push, it took awhile. They then realized thaty bag of water was still intact and it was ballooning out of me like a snow globe! We tried to continue without braking it, but after se time they thought it might be holding the head back. They popped it and after many hard pushes my beautiful son was born! I can thanky wonderful midwife, husband and hypnobabies for an amazing birth experience. The one I missed out on last time. Last te I laboref at home and was 10 cm when I arrived at the birth center only to fond out my daughter was breech b. Their policy was to go to the hospital circa c-section ;(. This time around, the midwife said it was the most peaceful delivery she had ever seen in 19 years. Hypnobabies really works!
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I just had a hypnobabies HBAC too! It helped me tremendously but it was not a peaceful easy birth by any means! I'm still over the moon and so excited you did too! Congrats!
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Congrats Namaste and Welcome Enzo!
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Wonderful! Congratulations and welcome to your sweet Enzo!
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Awesome! Congratulations!
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Congrats on your wonderful HBAC! Welcome Enzo, great name!
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Congratulations on your baby and on your satisfying birth!
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Congratulations and welcome, Enzo! I'm happy to hear that the Hypnobabies was helpful, since I'm planning to use it, too.

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