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vegan with nut and soy allergies---need food ideas

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I would love to feed my kiddos a vegan diet all the time, but I'm finding it really hard with the kids allergies. Are there any vegans here with soy and nut allergies?

I need easy protein ideas for a 2 and 3 1/2 year old.

Their allergies/sensitivities are :
Soy, Cow's Milk, Coconut, Corn, Sweet Potato, Winter Squashes, Chick Peas, Broccoli, Pecan, Walnut, Cashew, Peanut, Sesame, Eggplant, Carrot, Pumpkin

Thankfully almonds work.
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Ack. Sesame too. That's really hard. We did soy/dairy/nuts/sesame/wheat/eggs (and some fruit) for a while but my son had meat. We still struggled with calories until I figured things out. He has dairy and egg in rotation now. The sesame cross is hard.

I'd be really concerned because I can't see a child with that level of sensitivity/allergen potential being able to eat high allergy stuff like almonds (or almonds and seeds?) day in and out without developing allergies to those as well. Also, do you have a safe from nut and sesame cross contamination almond source? Most people treat a tree nut allergy as an allergy to the whole class due to cross contamination.

If you can sit down and maybe work out a rotation type diet with enough protein for their age you'll know if it will work. Look up the protein needs (it's lower than you might think but still might be a struggle being vegan w/out nuts and soy) and also calorie needs and make sure it works.
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My suggestions would be beans and rice, and quinoa. There are so many variations on beans and rice and quinoa can be cooked with many things, made as breakfast cereal etc. They might like mochi (a Japanese brown rice treat). Do they eat avocado? Good for calories/fat intake. Oat milk is nice.
Sounds very challenging. . .
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Are you completely opposed to feeding him meat? The body has to convert plant proteins into something usable, thus using up energy. With a damaged gut like your sons, I can't imagine only feeding him food that is not a nutritional power house.
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You didn't mention gluten, but when we were free of ds's sensitivities (gluten/dairy/corn/soy/eggs/avoiding nuts in general) and vegetarian I found this yahoo group vegan and gluten free really helpful. There are TONS of recipes in the files, many of which are free of nuts and soy as well. I'd think doing lots of (tolerated) legumes would be the place to get protein from as well, although I might rotate to prevent any future sensitivity issues. It's really tough!

We were in this position at one point of time (soy/nut free vegans--I was vegetarian for 12 years b/4 dropping ds's allergens, and ds was veg from birth). Just want to share that I ended up adding in meat after a few months on our elimination diet, as I felt terrible on the restrictive diet being vegan (I had highly relied on soy and dairy prior to cutting them out). The health benefits we've had since adding in meat (and some really WAPFy, TF foods/food prep methods) have been _amazing_. I just think its something really worth looking into, esp. when you are dealing w/ gut issues, as Californiajenn mentioned. For me personally, I believe it was the best health decision I've ever made for both my son and I. Of course, we each need to figure out what works best for our own bodies! I just really wanted to share that though!

A great resource for adding in TF types of foods (if that's something you're interested in) that is also vegan is http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/

Good luck!!!
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