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Funny story

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So to understand just how funny this story is, you have to know my mother. She is old fashioned. I was raised that sex, nudity and anything in that realm was sinful. I learned about birds and bees, literally from a book that was about how bees grow in swarms and some other stuff.

My 2 girls (6 & 4) came to my 6 week pp check up. I asked for a PAP to be done, since i hadn't had one in almost 2 years. And as i'm sitting there with my midwives getting ready to check everything out, my girls push up between them and ask what everything is. Bless my midwives for explaining (after asking permission) and my oldest goes, "Oh YEAH. That vagina is what my mom said the baby comes out of, not your pee pee".

I thought nothing of it and we went on our merry way as they'd seen the birth and we talk about body parts frankly. A few hours days later we were at my mom's house (remember old fashioned mom who i've never heard the word 'vagina' uttered out of her mouth). And i'm sitting nursing ds and i hear my daughter say, "Yes, the midwives who checked mommy's vagina, that's where we were the other day".

Oh my goodness. Priceless. The shock on my mom's face. The shock in my heart as i tried to figure out how to keep my mother from having a heart attack. Then the complete amazement and shock as my mother said, "Oh really? I bet everything looked ok". And my 6 year old responded, "Yep, they said it was back to before birth".

Oy, crisis averted as i thought for sure that would've sent my mother into heart failure. And i'm relieved that she can handle how i raise my kids with honesty and full disclosure without telling me it's wrong.
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Haha! Aww what a nice ending. My mom has relaxed a lot with age, too, and I'm so glad.
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I love your mom's response! That is great!
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