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Breastfeeding cookies?

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Not ones which promote a good milk supply, but decorated ones. Has anyone got any ideas of how I could decorate cookies to celebrate breastfeeding? I want to take some to our next bf support group meeting - it will be our 4-year anniversary .
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oooooooooooooooh - great idea! i'm not so artistic. i'd probably do circles with dots in the middle (breasts!)
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Have you ever had Forget-me-nots? It's a sugar cookie with a Hershey kiss pressed in the middle. I have seen those used to represent boobs.

However you do them, try to make them in different shades by adding different amounts of cocoa powder or even food coloring so that you can include all shades of mamas! (Ok, I know not all mamas have dark brown nipples, but I don't think I've ever seen pink kisses! LOL)
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A little different focus than just breastfeeding, but here's a recipe for Mammo-Grahams.
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What a cute idea.
As for ones using kisses, sometimes they have strawberry white choc ones that can be used for a pinker nipple.

You could even make a regular sugar cookie and use gumdrops for the nipple part since they're kinda flattened at the top.
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Thank you, everyone, I really love those ideas (and those mammo-grahams are just brilliant). We're a very diverse group, though, and I'm not 100% sure that breast-shaped cookies would be as appreciated by everyone. I will save those up for another occasion . Trouble is, I have no alternative ideas (the international breastfeeding symbol is just way too difficult for me to ice onto biccies!).
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Originally Posted by Heba View Post
the international breastfeeding symbol is just way too difficult for me to ice onto biccies!.
Make a stencil and use the spray food coloring by Wilton.
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Oh wow I have never come across spray food colouring. Shame it's not available where I live, or I'd be doing that!
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have you ever seen those wilton cupcakes that are babies under blankets? maybe you can modify that to be baby and mama under a blanket? I'll try and find a link.

eta: link
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Ohhhhh....cute cute cute!
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