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Friends Schools (Quaker)

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This fall starts my daughter's "Kindergarten" year, but she will remain in a play-based Waldorf-inspired setting. For grades, I am considering Carolina Friends School but have not been able to visit yet.

I'm just curious about Friends schools in general. If your children attend one, what type of background did they come from (public, Waldorf, etc)? What are your thoughts??
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I went to a Friends school in high school.

There is a very broad range in Friends schools. They do not follow a single academic model or philosophy. Some are very traditional and academically competitive, other are very alternative and all most like unschooling, then there is everything in between.

The one thing that Friends schools have in common is a dedication to certain values. Peace and equality being the most important.
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I have a friend who sends their children to a friend's school in another state they feel the school is the best possible school placement for their child.

If I sent my child to school and lived closer I would probably choose a Friend's school.

Well worth a visit or two to the school so you can see if it's the right place for your child.

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