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Transformation is great, but let's play spin the bottle.
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Spin the bottle

That's actually an appropriate game for Lughnasadh... might be dangerous though.

Maia and Aweyn- big hugs. Poopy days/moods just suck. Literally and figuratively.


But mostly... Big Hugs. I wish I did have a magic wand!
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baby girl transformation:


I can't believe how fast it happens.
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That's beautiful.
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Today, campers, the girls and I made a crafty gift for a birthday party (where we'll be going as soon as this post is done)... and it inspired the word for the day, which is....


Also bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, hoola hoops, hopstcotch, yarn, god's eye, and plaster of paris!

Basically, any and all beloved camp crafts and simple games.

Crayons and Felt:
Take one big or two smaller pieces of felt. Fold the big piece over or stitch the two smaller pieces together to create a pocket with a flap. I like to then stitch the pocket into smaller pockets... the girls have "colorful car crayon kits" where each crayon has it's own "pocket", but the one we made this morning has just one line down the middle to make a big pocket for a box of crayons and a big pocket for a memo pad. There is a similar "artist pouch" pattern in the Creative Family book, or you can go fancy and make an archaeologists soft rolled pouch, or an artists rolled set of brushes, or anything you can think of! Depending on what you want you can make this craft in about 15 minutes out of scraps. Kind of like this!

gods' eyes:
take two sticks (or popsicle sticks, or rulers, or knitting needles, or whatever) and make an "X" or cross. Tie the middle of the cross with yarn to hold it together and then use that yarn to wrap over under over under over under around the four arms of the cross. You can swap in different colored yarn, feathers, herbs, grasses, etc. The end result is a "gods eye" that can be hung in a window or doorway or out in a tree. Perhaps choose colors that apply to an intention or that are associated with your spiritual path? Green and Blue for a water gods eye, long grasses for an earthy god's eye, twine that is then smeared with peanutbutter and seeds for a wild bird gods eye. Have fun and let your imagination go!

Make bubble wish mix... stir your wishes and intentions into the bubble mix then send that intention out on the wind! As the bubbles pop your intention is "exploded" into the sky and what passing deity, spirit, or soul wouldn't feel kindly towards the person sending such beautiful prayers? Or you can name each bubble as you blow them...again letting your intentions dance out into the world. There are lots of recipes, the easiest being dish soap and water (though for better recipes check here) and many different "blowers"... try using your fingers (frustrating but messy fun) or a bent pipe cleaner.

Hoola hooping, jumping rope, hopscotch:
Theses are all becoming retro exercise options... and they're pretty effective as well as fun! Give them a try on your own or with your family and friends.

Oh...and what about those crayons? Perhaps you might color a picture of what you want and hang it on the fridge? Or color a picture of what you want to remove and crumple it/burn it/mulch it away?

Maybe make a special Magic Crayon (think along the lines of Harold and his Purple crayon, drawing things into reality).... you can melt down old crayons, melt and color beeswax into coloring sticks, add herbs or oils, and so on!

May we have a colorful and beautiful, funny and fabulous, day at camp!
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Hmm, I think there's a hoola hoop around here somewhere.

It's a rainy day so won't be doing anything outdoors today.
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bubbles! i lurve the bubbles idea. i lurve bubbles. i made some awesome bubble blowers for the kiddos last year.... copper wire and beads. wonder if i have pics somewhere? ok, here are some....

there's actually sidewalk (a rarity here) in front of our new house... i cant wait to do hopscotch there! i was so good at that.

i need to make curtains. is that an ok camp craft?
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As long as they're campy!

I've hung curtains off of branches before... actually right now the tapestries in the stairwell are hanging from branches.

Or we could wave our magic words and go for campy... maybe a rocky horror theme? Or a slide to kitchsy with classic tea towels patchworked together? I was at a thirft store today and they had a 1950s style kitchen set up. It was great!

The party was fun, but being out of the house from 10am-3pm? I'm sooooo far behind!
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unbleached cotton, rough/un-hemmed edges. hand sewn, maybe even just clothes pinned on (if, that is, i could find wooden clothes pins NOT made in china... anyone?)... i'd do branches in a heartbeat if i had some. they'd have to be really really long-- these windows are huge!
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What is camp? Fun and friendship and learning all wrapped up together.

So... a few friendship crafts:

Friendship bracelets! A classic camp craft... this site has instructions for a variety of styles (from thread to lanyard to safety pins). The idea is to weave a wish into the bracelet, then gift it to a friend. When the bracelet is so worn it falls off on it's own the wish comes true. Sounds pretty pagan to me! Cord magic, knot magic, wish-craft!

Perhaps for Lughnasadh (this weekend!) you might make these bracelets for family members (even young kiddos can make simple knot bracelets)... choose firey colors, or harvest colors, or the blue of the sky and start knotting! Or change focus and make bracelets for the world around you. Like a knotting bomb crossed with a guerilla garden ball... perhaps tie a bracelet on a tree or parking meter, around a rock or thrown into a stream (using a paper ribbon maybe?), hang one off the bird feeder for nesting material or wrap it round a peanut butter covered pine cone to gift the squirrels with? Be creative and beautiful!

Another classic camp moment is the nature hike... pick a direction, pick a duration, then walk! See what you find...the sights, smells, sounds. You can do this indoors or out, in a familiar space or a new one. Make it a treasure hunt by setting goals... to spot three different types of birds, to walk until you feel a gust of wind at your back, to find an orange flower, to hear the word "mother" from a passing car/passerby... you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. There's a short story by Charles de Lint in which some people find a powerful (personal) magic each time they complete a quest/challeng. The challenge completed the magic is unleashed and then gradually fades, requiring the completion of a new challenge. For one character, this magic allows her to inderstand what the birds are saying. When it fades she must discover (by asking people she meets) a word that has only been spoken in a dream. You may want to start a bit more simply!

Lughnasadh is this weekend and it's the perfect "cap" to camp... a festival of games, family, cooking, and community. You can read a bit here (thanks to google books) and here (thanks to witch vox).

How are you celebrating? Has camp helped you prepare? What other crafts, games, songs, dances, foods make you say YAY!!!! IT'S SUMMER CAMP!!!!!!!!!!
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ok, i'm late, but i'm here!

i love the nature quest idea! i'll have to do that with ds and dh next time we're at the mountains.

the links on knots are fascinating! i do some work with knots... i love to cut them off at the end of the day, releasing whatever's built up in them during the day. i might do something with this for the house....

we didnt have much of a festive atmosphere this past weekend.... wont this weekend either. but maybe the next one we can do our celebration~ i want to pick fruits and make preserves... "can" some summer to bring out in winter. 'cause, really, i want summer camp all year!

thanks again for all your hard work at camp, clay! it was a rough time for me, and there's been so much to think about, i know i'll be processing it for several months!
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Thank you so much for all the nifty crafty and craft-y ideas. I can't wait to do many of these with the boys, but first is definitely some knot magic bracelets for them to wear (actually the whole family!).

Yay for this week and for the whole camp experience!!!

We are all truly blessed!
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Originally Posted by _ktg_ View Post
Thank you so much for all the nifty crafty and craft-y ideas. I can't wait to do many of these with the boys, but first is definitely some knot magic bracelets for them to wear (actually the whole family!).
Yes, YAY CLAY!!! Round of applause!

Magic bracelets-- Yes, going to make another one for M and for me, matching ones. I think this time I'll make 3, one each for M, ds, and me, to represent intact family, and to draw us all together soon.
Maybe, actually, I'll incorporate that into my house-selling spell next Monday, whaddaya all think?
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