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Anyone else still nursing through this pregnancy?

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How is is going for everyone else? How old is your nursling and how often is s/he nursing these days?

I'm 23.5 weeks pregnant and my son will be 2 this Sunday! He nurses frequently throughout the day and has started asking again one time in the night. I can hand express milk (just big drops usually) but I don't think he's actually getting any when he nurses though I could be wrong.

Most of the time his nursing doesn't bother me but sometimes in the late evening and at night I'm getting the skin-crawling irritable "get OFF of me" feelings toward him.
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I'm still nursing my 3.5 year old ... barely. She nurses once before bed though she is willing to go without if I'm having a rough night. I do have the creepy crawly feeling. It is worse with this pregnacy than the last one. I think the age difference between nurslings is part of why this one is harder. DD1 was 2 when I was pregnant with dd2.
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We;re still nursing.. she'll be 3 a week from this wednesday. It's been very trying for me overall, I'm overly sensitive and just done with nursing but she still needs me so we have very short nursing sessions. I feel like she totally lost her latch and ability to suckle, it's a little better now that I have colostrum. I'm 25 weeks 1 day.
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I'm 23weeks, 4 days and still nursing my dd who was 3 in May. My moods about this fluctuate day by day. Sometime during the morning sickness and general tiredness of the first trimester, I convinced her that we ought to just nurse while in bed. She wasn't thrilled about this, but now that some time has passed, she never asks to nurse during the day. She still sleeps in my bed so she occasionally latches on in the early morning hours and as she wakes for the day. As I've said before, I have mixed feelings about going down the tandem road. I feel bad that she was not able to wean on her own as ds did, but most of the time I'm just ready for her to be done. She likes the idea of sharing her nummies with her little sister and I love the idea of nursing them at the same time (even if I just do it once). I've just decided to take it day by day.
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My DS is almost 3.5 and we nurse in the morning and at bedtime. I retired my left side, so it's just my right side...and very quick (5 min. max!). I didn't know if he was getting anything out (even though when I asked he said he was), but last night I didn't nurse him and this morning felt very full. So I guess something is coming out. Oh, I'm 6 months now.
I also have the creepy-crawly feelings, but he respects that I ask him to "not touch Mama" til we're finished. I don't know how this is going to work out when the baby arrives. We have talked about the baby only being able to drink "Mo" and that we need to let the baby have as much as s/he needs. I told him that he got to drink lots... exclusively until he was 15 months old, and I was happy to give it to him.

Good luck to all you Mamas out there!
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I'm 26 wks, and my DD pretty much gave up on nursing 2 wks ago. I still offer it and a few times a week she will dry nurse, I don't think there's anything there. I feel like she lost her latch too and this doesn't help in me wanting to offer it to her because it hurts . She'll try to suck and get nothing, so next step is biting down hard, I scream and she cries
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I don't know, sort of. Ds was 4 in March & a little bit into this pregnancy, he told me there wasn't any mookie coming out. He continues to latch on but still insists there's no mookie (& I can't express any.) The other night we talked about it & I told him that once Turkey came, there would be TONS of milk. He asked if he could still have some & I told him that he'd need to remember how to nurse. So he latched on for about 30 seconds to make sure he remembered.
I'm totally fine with him "practicing" now & then & actually would like for him to tandem for a little while once Turkey comes. I may regret this, we'll see.

Dd2 nursed right on through my pregnancy with Ds, but she was a year younger than he is now. She continued to tandem for 3 months until I kind of pushed weaning, which was really sad. She didn't cry over it, I just didn't sit down near her, but it made me sad because she wasn't ready (at 3.5 yrs ).

BUT, it made the transition SO much easier for both of us. I always have too much milk & end up engorged with plugged ducts that sometimes progresses to mastitis, but with Dd2 still nursing, she was a pro at draining the "dushies" in no time. So that worked well for me. I think Dd2 had an easier time accepting a new baby in the house because they shared the nursing times. But I think it was really, really draining for me. I had lots of hormonal problems after Ds and some severe adrenal fatigue & I've always wondered if tandem nursing (& nursing during pregnancy) played a part in it. So maybe I shouldn't encourage the latching on right now. Sigh.
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i'm 24wk2dy and still nursing ds who is just shy of 14 months. if his poop is any indication, my milk switched over to colostrum a month or so ago. he's cut down on nursing sessions greatly, but still nurses first thing in the morning and right before bed for a good 30 min to an hour. he'll occasionally ask during the day too, but that's hit or miss. he's also still getting pumped milk from the freezer stash. hoping he'll continue so we can tandem, but we're taking it one day at a time. thankfully, i don't get the crawly feeling i hear so many people talk about, but i still go thru spells of extremely sore nipples.
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I'm still nursing my youngest DS, who is 29 months old. It's pretty much a nap/bedtime ritual, although there is an occasional need to nurse away an ouchie. I haven't had any milk since about week 11, so uncomfortable dry nursing is all we have at this point. I think I am making some colostrom because DS does swallow every now and then. I've nursed through the last three pregnancies, and tandem nursed twice, so I'm open to tandeming again if DS wants to keep nursing. He seems excited at the possibility of having "Mo" again .
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Poor Ds was all feverish the other night & miserable (which turned out to be from swimmer's ear) & he latched on soooo many times during the night. It was SO excruciating! I guess it's still a big comfort to him, poor little fella.
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Let's see...I'm 25w4d and DD1, who is 3y4mo, is still nursing twice a day. Colostrum came in sometime in the last week or so, and that's making it a little more comfortable. I know my limits and communicate those kindly to DD. We are making it work. Who knows if she'll go on to tandem (I have friends whose older child nursed all the way through pregnancy only to wean as soon as the milk came in, not liking the taste!), but I'm open to it
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We're almost done, I think. We've been down to once a day for a while, but now it's more like once every three days. I'm ready to be done--it still is really painful, and also makes me have BH, which stresses me a little, although I'm sure it's fine. He turns three in a week!
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I think we're going to be done soon.
It's really hard for me, and I get upset too quickly when it hurts or he has a bad latch. I don't want the last times that we nurse to be "bad" memories (with me losing my cool). I told my DS that we'd have a "good-bye Mo" party and we'd say bye bye and let the Mos get ready for the new baby. I'm so emotional about it...I lost it the other day and just cried and cried.

Oh and also DH (not dear in this case) thought I had weaned him months ago! And was not supportive of me at all, which pissed me off. Shows how much attention he pays...ugh.

I hope to take him to get icecream and give him a little stuffed animal I had as a child and name him Mo for the party. It will just be the two of us. I hope it goes well.

Sorry if I took this post off track!!
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I was thinking my 2 1/2 yo was weaning a few weeks ago, but he has recently picked it back up. For us this means just once or twice a day, but it was amazing how much more optimistic I started feel about life in general once he started nursing again. I've decided to keep encouraging him to do it (despite how uncomfortable it is right now--ouch!) because the hormones are obviously good for my emotional well being at the moment. Plus, it is nice to have cuddle time with my busy, busy boy. There is hardly anything there anymore, and it tastes sort of salty, but he does not mind. When I ask him if there is any milk he says 'yes' although a few weeks ago when he had sort of stopped nursing he would tell me 'no'.
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still nursing my 27m old DD, but I have not had any milk since about 3ish m. She only nurses 1st thing in the morning & at nap.
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I had a dream last night that milk was dripping from my right breast & I showed Ds & he was so excited. I also dreamt that I was sitting in a grassy field & a groundhog flew down from the sky next to me & kept biting my ass. I was certain DP had been grabbing me in my sleep but when I asked him today, he swore he hadn't been. Weird pregnancy dreams.

Poor Ds has that ouchy swimmer's ear and then a wicked cough on top of it. The girls had the cough too but got over it quickly. Ds actually vomited from it this morning & I realized it's the first "illness" he's had since he hasn't been having mookie. I think that might be where my milk dream came from. He seems to have rounded a corner this afternoon though.
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Talked to dd tonight about maybe giving up her nummies in the morning (her nursing session not altogether). She didn't really respond, but I hope that she thinks about it at some point. I really don't mind nursing her to sleep at bedtime. It never takes very long - she loves to go to bed. But the morning session seems to drag on and on as she is not very awake. She is moving toward the same age that ds was when he gave up nursing and they have frequently done milestones at the exact same time. I'm hoping that it will make a difference when she is in her own bed - crossing my fingers that that might happen by this weekend.
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