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Iowa seems to vary a lot! I'm paying $4,500 for mine. My last birth, different CNM, 2 years ago was $3,500. CPMs aren't legal in Iowa currently (we're working on it) but there are a few practicing and they charge less.
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In New York City the range is $5,000-7,500. Insurance covers homebirth here though, so it doesn't cost us anything.
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I live in Central Illinois and am paying $2,000 for the birth, around $50.00 for birth kit (she only charges for what you use), and $60.00 for each prenatal visit.
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I'm in west Texas but we moved from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Average in both places is 3,500. THe CNM we used with #6 charged 4,800 but that included birthin center fees also. Thankfully insurance covered her due to the fact she's a CNM. All other births have been out of pocket. Out here everything is so very rural and spread apart though that the mw's here charge a 300 travel fee but they do all prenatal visits at your home since they're all anywhere from 45-120 miles away. THey do rounds where one day a month/week/whatever they come to your area and care for all of their clients in that one area that day. We avoided the 300 travel fee by going to her for appts but once we discovered twins at 21 wks she had to up the price by 500 due to other midwives and extra assistants needing to attend that neither of us had planned on. Right now we're looking at right around 4,000 for a hb plus the 200.00 rental for the pool. Everything else from birthing supplies and birthing kit to lab work is covered.

My dear friend, however, is in Raleigh and she pays a mere 1,200 for her entire prenatal, birth and pp care...birth pool, supplies and birthing kit, lab work, everything included!!! I thought about going to NC just to birth babies!!
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Minnesota: ~$3500
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Here in the FL panhandle it's $5000 + $500 assistant fee + supplies + birth pool if you would like one = about $5800 all total. We're still going back and fourth on how to handle the assistant fee since it would put us over what our military insurance has in place as a yearly maximum out of pocket expense. I have to discuss it with the midwife at the next appointment.
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I live in Wisconsin. My midwife fee is $1750 for my homebirth. That includes prenatal care, birth, and postnatal appointments. The only thing that is not included would be *my* birth supplies and lab fees. So overall, it will be around $2000. My insurance will be picking up around $600.
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Montana--$2800 + labs for 2 of the midwives, one is $2200 including labs, and one (CNM) is $4000...guessing she doesn't get too many homebirths unless they're covered by insurance!
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New Hampshire: we are paying $3000 plus $300 birth assistant fee, plus labs which have been $200 so far for a full blood panel. The list of things to buy will probably be $100 or so.
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Sarasota, Fl- $3500. We have to put our birthing kit together ourselves. Cost was the last thing on my mind when interviewing midwives and I think it's a shame that it has to even be a factor. I hope someday home births are covered for everyone providing it's safe. We were still paying off our first hospital birth (super high deductible) when we had our second birth at home paid for before it even happened. That felt so much better! It seems expensive out of pocket but in the long run it is much cheaper than all the fees accrued at hospitals.
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I'd have to dig out our paperwork, but for our homebirth in MN last year, I believe the fee was around $3500, with a substantial discount (down to $2800 or so) if you paid in full by week 28-30. We were responsible for a birth kit and pool (if we wanted one) above and beyond that; I think the kit was around $40 and I paid about $60 for some additional stuff (fishy pool, aquarium hose/sink attachment to fill and empty pool, old towels, etc.)

That included all prenatal appointments, the birth, and 6 weeks of postpartum care, as well as the newborn screening test if we wanted it (which actually costs the midwife over $100 for the test card, if I recall correctly). We felt it was a great deal; our insurance deductible is so high that we would almost certainly have paid more in the hospital, even though we had to pay for our midwife out of pocket (although we did use HSA money).
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For my 10 mo, the cost of his birth was $4500 plus extras, like the birth tub.
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I paid $2,600 for my 2008 HB in NC. Worth every penny!
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Originally Posted by Pyrodjm View Post
In New York City the range is $5,000-7,500. Insurance covers homebirth here though, so it doesn't cost us anything.
Its strange. Because I saw the bill and insurance paid like 10.000$ for homebirth. But she came with assistant (student), maybe because of that...
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I'm in the Houston, TX, area. Most MWs give discounts for paying cash by 36 weeks, which can sometimes save 30%. Otherwise, costs range from around $3000-4800. My MW is at the higher end but does all home visits. My insurance has paid around half of that in the past, which brings it down close to her cash rate (though those may have changed in the last 6 years!).
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I'm not in the States, but wanted to add my info anyway. If we were in the greater Stockholm area it would be free, like a hospital birth and all pre-natal care is, but since we live just outside Stockholm we need to pay our midwives ourselves. $1070 for the HB midwife and $270 for a second midwife who will do acupuncture.
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I'm paying $3,000 for my midwife here in Minnesota. That includes all prenatal appointments, the birth and the pp care and 6 week checkup. My midwifes assistant has a birth pool that I'm using free of charge. I'm expected to pay for the birth kit and any extra supplies that they recommend we have at the house. Also any labs that need to be done during the pregnancy or after. All is out of pocket. But, in reality, I would be paying a similar amount after insurance with a hospital birth.
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So glad to read this thread. I got bad news today that my insurance won't cover home birth and they have 1 in network birth center that is like an hour away from me. I am in Florida and have been calling midwives to set up appt's for initial consultations. I agree it is very sad that we have to consider costs when looking for a midwife but we definitely have to. ALthough DH is totally on board with homebirth he isn't too keen on paying out of pocket for something when we have insurance. I didn't realize that sometimes you could get an early payment discount- that would help a lot.

To answer the original question...I'm in the orlando, FL area and I have been quoted 2800-4500. Only 1 was 2800. 3 others told me 4200-4500.
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San Francisco - $4,500 plus extras (doula, tub, birth kit)

We pay the midwives up front, but they use an insurance billing service that is apparently very good at getting reimbursements. My PPO should cover the midwives as out of network providers, which means I should get 70% back, but not until after the birth when they actually bill the insurance company. I'm sure we'll be wanting that $3K with a new lil babe!
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Manhattan, NY - the cheapest we've found thus far has been $5000.. and this doesn't include any hospital fees, labs, or ultrasounds
But this practice didn't accept insurance!

We decided to do a homebirth and chose a great midwife. Her fees are $6500, but again.. not including labwork or ultrasounds. Sooooooooo expensive.. but insurance covers just about everything
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