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Symptoms vs. no symptoms

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I know that women fall into all places on the spectrum of having first trimester symptoms. Some people have almost none, some are sick all day every day. So what about you?

I'm currently having almost no morning sickness. I had much more nausea last week, but this week it has really calmed down. Of course this makes me nervous. I also am tired, but not as exhausted as I remember being my last two pregnancies. I wonder though if that is because this time around it is my summer break so I've been able to sleep in and take naps if I get really wiped out. My main symptom is breast tenderness, accompanied by fullness and now veins.

It makes me nervous to have so few tangible signs, especially with things feeling a lot better this week as opposed to last, and yet the same thing happened in my last pregnancy. Am I alone in feeling not very sick at all?
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You're due beginning of the month, right?

I'm due 3/3 (ish, of course) - so about 8w5d - and just in the last few days, my symptoms have calmed way down. I'm no longer gagging and nauseated all the time. My bloating is going way down. I'm not peeing every five seconds. And my nipples are way less tender/sore (dd2 is still nursing, so, maybe i'm just getting desensitized). I'm even losing weight (probably because nothing sounds good to eat for days at a time).

But, my boobs are huge, I have a bit of a bump already, and I'm seriously horny (TMI? sorry!), so I know things are progressing right alone, hormonally.

I just read through my pregnancy journal for #1 (#2's is on a non-functional computer) and I see that similar things happened as I neared the end of the 1st trimester. I was reading the other day that the placenta is starting to take over now, so the symptoms of early pregnancy - which are really symptoms of sky-high progesterone - should start chilling out soon.

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I am 6 weeks along and think I have had a slight lessening of m/s this week compared to last... I am still gagging and have some food aversions but I feel less sick in between gagging stints.

With my first I only had really mild nausea and some food aversions and it was not for very long - I can't remember, but only a couple weeks or so I think.
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I've had NO M/s, no food aversions, (knock on wood) but I'm starving all the time, I can smell with the guy across the street lights a joint, and I'm slightly more crazy than normal... plus I've got these long white hairs growing out of my chin - SO NOT COOL.

I'm really searching for symptoms because the no m/s is kinda freaking me out.
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So far, all I've had is a backache in the morning, insomnia, and a never-ending craving for chips and french onion dip This is pretty much the same as my last pregnancy, except that the insomnia didn't kick in until my third trimester (and DD preferred Snickers bars!)
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I know what you mean, it's like yay for not being sick, but then maybe it means something is wrong? I have some nausea and things often don't sound apetizing at all, but I haven't actually thrown up or felt the need to. But I have a feeling it may come in the next week or two and then I'll wish it didn't! Some days I feel so conflicted, lol.
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I have no morning sickness, no food preferences or aversions. I am tired (need a nap every day) and have really full breasts. I feel like my belly is growing a lot too, but I don't know if I'm imagining that.
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My m/s has calmed down a bunch too.
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Still super sick over here-throwing up mostly in the am and all day/night nausea. This is how it was for me last time too though, so I can't say if it's normal or not for others, but it's normal for me.
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I have been super tired, and super hungry, having to pee a lot, but other than that nothing...I had the all day sickness with dd, I didn't keep a journal so I don't know when that started or ended, but I remember it being within the first trimester. I don't think I had crazy abnormal symptoms with her, but I'm really surprised I haven't had the m/s...so much that I don't even want to say anything for fear of getting it! I think I'm due late March, so it definately could still be on its way, but I'm totally ok to not have it this time!
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I have no sickness at all. Just breast tenderness and being tired. I'm due 3/25 so I'm 5 weeks 4 days. I don't feel pregnant at all! It does kind of worry me.
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dd1- breast tenderness, starving, tired, craziness, headaches for the entire 1st trimester.
dd2- nausea for the entire 1st trimester, slight breast tenderness
this pregnanacy- early spotting, horrid nausea, breast tenderness, tired.

my viable pregnancies, have all been pretty varied for me. I had zero symptoms from day one with the pregnancy I miscarried. I had a hard time believeing I was pregnant at all. So i'll have to wait and see how sypmtoms go on this one. Gee, I'd love to lose the nausea....
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As I mentioned in the chat thread I'm totally paranoid. I was really pukey last week but yesterday and today there's nothing. I usually don't get true all day morning sickness until week 7 but I was on prometrium the last few pregnancies and I think it made me more sick and I felt it right away. So, I'm on prometrium this time and was sick at first but now nothing. I'm a wreck. I miscarried last time and a year and a half ago. When I miscarried a year and a half ago I had never been more sick with a pregnancy so the miscarriage was a complete shock. I'm so afraid to have that happen again. I was just diagnosed with severe hypothyroid and started meds so I'm wondering if that is helping me to not be so sick? IDK. I also lost two pounds when usually I gain a ton in the first trimester. I'm driving myself crazy which is so completely stupid.
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I started out sick... around 7/8dpo i was really bad and we thought it was a sympathy hangover for DH (he had just gone out with his brother, a cousin and two friends, all of whom just got back from deployments... and were in their dress uniform... so they didnt have to pay for a single drink and all had WAY too much)

DHs Nana saw through it but didnt say anything lol...

felt a bit upset stomach and tired off and on from then through 6/7 weeks when it all let up and came back to hit me SO HARD that I could barely keep anything down at around 8 weeks.

Its normal to have it let up and then come back even worse... so enjoy it while its gone!
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Ok ladies, what does DDCC stand for? I'm seeing it everywhere and I can't figure out the final C!
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due date club crashing
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What happens to me is first, I have the peeing, the cramps, the sore boobs, the hunger and then it is allllllllll replaced by nausea vomiting and fatigue.

I get to trade off symptoms.yay.
Right now I have nausea. vomiting.fatigue.heartburn.constipation(from Zofran i am sure)

I am 8 weeks 5 days...these symptoms will usually let up by about 14 weeks or so...then I will have nothing but pure energy!!!!!!!!
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I have tender breasts and I am more tired than usual. Which was the same symptoms at when I was pregnant before. Other than that I don't have anything other symptoms.
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I'm 7 weeks 1 day. So still fairly early. I did have more nausea again today, but I was also out in the hot, hot sun walking around a stinky zoo. It was actually a lovely zoo, but still, some of the animal smells were dreadful. I drank a little Pepsi and it helped a ton with the nausea.
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I am 7 weeks today and went for acupuncture this morning. I feel totally normal this evening, ate a nice dinner with friends, and am on the couch AWAKE! It is a bit disconcerting, but I am loving it!
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