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water pills for swelling

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I was wondering if anyone's Dr. gave them water pills or anything to relieve the swelling? I blew up so bad my skin on my feet and other areas got really hard. weird . It is all better now, I asked my ob about giving me something and he refused but I was just talking to my dad and my step-mom a shrink told my dad that she was very pi$$ed off and that it is dangours?


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They used to prescribe diuretics 30 or 40 years ago. They no longer do because they found that the diuretics were more dangerous than the swelling.

Swelling is very common. You should drink TONS of water (a few quarts per day), use salt to taste, try to get your feet up as often as possible, try massage, and unfortunately, wait it out.
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Thank you, I didn't think it would be ok, but bc my step-mom is a DR. I thought I'd throw it out here. thanks again!

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Swelling can be look scary and be uncomfortable.

As Sharonal mentioned, diuretics haven't been prescribed routinely for pg swelling due to the risks since about the 1970's.

Keep up the water intake to keep those kidneys working well, and the salt, and as much protein as you can cram in.

A pg massage is a great idea, the therapists can be really good at getting the lymph system going!
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With my last pregnancy the only weight I gained was from 25wks-birth and I gained 26lbs. Almost all of that was water. I was so swollen it hurt my skin. It took 6months postpartum to get rid of the water retention, being summer didn't help it but summer after I didn't swell up as much.

Drinking lemon water, raising your legs at night, laying on your left side, reducing the amount of onions you eat(they make you retain water), reducing salt intake, increasing water intake, cooling your body off will help reduce it. For me the only thing that worked was trying to cool my body off. I still have some problems with it if I am in a room that's too hot.
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Try eating a lot of cucumbers and watermellon. These are natural diuretics.

Good luck.
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I feel lots of warmth...

It has been almost 5 mos since the birth and thankfully! the swelling has gone down, But I brought up the question bc my step-mom, who has a PHD said something to my dad about the swelling I had and how she was so mad they didn't give me anything??? I thought hmmmm I will post here and get some feed back cause I didnt think I was allowed to have anything + my doc refused my request for some relief- pills that is.

The swelling was awful just awful i swelled bad with babe #1 but really bad with #2 even my nose was swollen!


I really think there is some spandex in my skin :LOL

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