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Baby question?

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Okay, silly question. So I am 36 weeks and my baby is moving like he is on speed. I mean he is all over the place. Never had this in my third trimester. Usually they slow down. It is nice to feel him move, because he hasn't really moved this whole pregnancy. I feel a little sheepishasking, because this is my fifth. Just wondering if this is in the norm. I am petite so it is not like he has a lot of room to move around. I am having contractions every 10 min. He doesn't seem to like them, because he kicks me when they begin..it is almost like he is panicking. Should I be concerned. I all of a sudden have this urge to speed up my baby welcoming preparation. Gave up on nesting this preg. Maybe this is it. or maybe it is just the full moon messing with me?
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All 3 of mine have been very different. DS1 just stretched out his legs alot at this point, DS2 was pretty mellow & this one is like yours constant strong movement. I think it also has to do with baby's position as to how much movement you actually feel. This one is head down but he is posterior so his arms & legs are facing my belly not my back.
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This one is insanely active as well. She had me up this morning at 5am kicking, flailing little arms, rolling over, she has hickups followed by hours of playtime! The first 2 were not this active, they liked to stretch and hang out. It really drives me crazy, but I would rather have cervix ripening contractions and lung prep contractions while she's in there as opposed to a painful contracting labor.
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DS was very active the last month and he had very little room to move.
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This baby was super-active until the day I went into labor. Apparently I tons of fluid, which must have made a difference. He was also under 7 lbs, so he had more room.
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i'm 37 weeks and she's still dancing around in there but there's little room...so i'm guessing it's fine. some of her kicks/stretches i swear she's going to bust through the side of my belly!
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