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[QUOTE=Owen'nZoe;15671366] We have a (solid wood) bunk bed, which is very sturdy and well made. Of course, when we got it from the store, DH opened the box, looked at the 100's of pieces that needed to be put together, and said he felt like he was building the bed himself.

I think we have this bed too. It looked like a box of match sticks. And yes, you are building it yourself. It took all day for me to do but that sucker is sturdy and fun for the kids.

[QUOTE=zinemama;15671661]I'm not one to enjoy shopping for the sake of shopping. Except when it comes to Ikea. It's like going to a fabulous theme park for me.


About once a month or so the kids and I go for an afternoon adventure. DD loves to play in the play area, I get 45 minutes of shopping almost kid free. (DS is still little and super mellow so he's happy to zoom around in the cart or a stroller seeing the sites.) Afterwords we grab a hot dog and a frozen yogurt, and that might be the cherry on top for the kids since we don't normally eat hot dogs. Then the kids usually take a nice nap in the car on the way home so I get another 45 minutes of quiet.

As others have pointed out you do need to be selective about what you buy, Particle board furniture is not going to last no matter where you get it from.

The solid wood stuff is great. We have a few pieces that are solid wood (pine) that have been great. Yes they do dent easily, all pine will. But I am in love with our kids stair step shaped toy shelves that the kids can climb on and I don't care if they get banged up. I have a few birch pieces that are in perfect shape after a year of hard use.
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We love ikea!

We have had good luck with the more expensive stuff.

Mattresses, couches, sturdy shelves.

The cheaper stuff tends to fall apart, and i think all plastic is crap, so obviously I don't really buy much of it there expecting it to be very great.

Looooove some of their kids toys, watercolors... Oh and their kids play kitchen stuff that is glass, ceramic and wood is awesome.

And who can beat a 29cent dish towel?
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We have Ikea bookcases that are 15 years old (Billy, some with glass doors) - no warping at all, and we've moved them 5 times. We have a bunch of stuff from Ikea and most of it we've enjoyed quite a lot.

However, I pretty much don't buy things from Ikea with drawers unless they're higher-end because most of them have stopped working one way or another.

I sort of have that champagne-taste-beer-budget thing going on myself and with Ikea I find most of it is simple enough that at least I don't get sick of the beer budget furniture. I really hate anything fussy (mission style is the most I can stand) so it suits me pretty well.
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We've never purchased furniture at IKEA. Just linens, decor, kitchen items, dishes, candles, cabinet door knobs, etc. Everything has held up well. We live in MO so there isn't an IKEA near us which means nobody around her has their stuff. Also, we love the clean lines which most of the people around here don't care for=hard to find=expensive when you do find it. IKEA is perfect. And their food is a yummy treat and they are fun to shop!
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I do like IKEA for some things, but I LOVE CB2 for better quality modern furniture that is mainly solid wood (though some is veneer, you have to be selective.)
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We love IKEA! I would say the quality is ok if you buy mid-priced or higher. And if you don't move frequently. The stuff doesn't hold up super well if it's getting hauled around a lot.
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I love the curtains that we got at Ikea. The duvet that we got for dd's is super cute and comfy. I'm not as crazy about the sheets and pillowcases. They are kind of rough and scratchy.

The height limit in their kids' playplace is a bummer, too. My 8 year old is too tall to play now.
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A dissenting voice. No Ikea-love here. Does not appeal to either DH or me.

But I'm really happy that others are happy with it. Enjoy!
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I wish there was an Ikea here I just looked, and the closest one is 8 hours away- I don't think dh would be up for that drive
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Just a note - IKEA stuff is always on Craigslist super cheap, often in fine condition, in our area (and already put together!). Worth checking out if you know what piece you want.
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We adore Ikea. We happen to live 5 minutes from one, so we will just go for snacks . DS will usually get the apple cake, and I'll get a Daim torte or an almond torte. If grandpa comes he gets the salmon plate. Snacks at Ikea are a huge bargain, and there is a play area right in the cafe, so DS can play while I sip tea and knit . They also sell some Swedish groceries.

The great thing about a lot of Ikea furniture is that it is modular. I love being able to set it up to specifically fit my needs and space. My den has a huge Ivar set up in it that fits our needs exactly. It is mostly low shelves that stay under the widows and are filled with toys, but it has a tall corner shelf. It also has a desk in it, just where we need it.

You can often add drawers or doors to bookshelves, and buy the exact number of shelves you want. Upholstered pieces often have slip covers you can buy several of so they can be taken off and washed regularly.

Though not every single piece is the very best of quality, it is pretty comparable to much more expensive furniture (I have a Thomasville sofa that was thread bare after a pretty short time.) If anything breaks, they will take it back quite a long time after you bought it. MIL took back a chair that broke 2 years after she bought it.

Check out the As-Is sections to find bargains on assembled furniture.
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Some stuff I like, Some not so much. It's a mixed bag. But it's really fun to go there and shop.
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Love it.

I must say, it doesn't stand up as well as my grandmother's antique furniture. But otoh, it also isn't as heavy, and can be easily broken down for a move, and is a lot more small-space friendly. I have a bookshelf and a hutch that have traveled with us and I love them. ETA: I forgot the boys bunkbed is IKEA too. It has held up very well to all their bouncing around, and is great to move--it breaks down into a pile of wood and comes together into a nice bed. The mattresses are *amazing*. My dad likes to take naps on the lower bunk if his nap time coincides with it being unoccupied.

If we ever buy new furniture, it will be from Ikea, because we move frequently and tend to live in small spaces.
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Originally Posted by AbbieB View Post
I think we have this bed too. It looked like a box of match sticks. And yes, you are building it yourself. It took all day for me to do but that sucker is sturdy and fun for the kids.
That sounds like the one! As you said, though, once it was together, it is sturdy as anything, and much better made than the bunk beds I was looking at in the Ashley and similar stores. I'm sure it will be in great shape still when the boys grow out of it, and they are not easy on their furniture.
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We have a few pieces from Ikea: two Expedit bookcases and baskets that fit in them, pair of night stands for one of the guest rooms, a bed frame for another guest room and a play kitchen. Everything has held up well.
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I love Ikea! Love it, but not everything they have is well made. You have to be choosey and what is really nice is you can see, sit on, test out pretty much everything they have in the store.

I have found that their solid wood furniture is really awesome. I love the Trofast kid's storage stuff as well as their shoe storage cabinets. The super el-cheapo furniture is super el-cheapo for a reason.
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Mod note: Moving this over to The Mindful Home!

On topic: I adore Ikea. Yes, some of the furniture is not the best made stuff. But, on a budget or for kids or guest rooms, it'll certainly do in a pinch. I think, for the most part, their housewares (kitchen stuff, lamps, textiles, organizing stuff) is really good, especially for the price. We just moved into a new house and the nearest Ikea is 3 hours away and I'm totally bummed.
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I just have to say I'm dying of jealousy that some of you live near IKEAs. My mom does and I have to hit it up every time I go there-but that's 5 hours away.
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Anyone thats ever been to my house can say that I<3 IKEA Our entire house is furnished with IKEA furniture, except for our sofa which is from Costco. I'm even planning IKEA kitchen cabinets for the house we are moving to this winter
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It also depends on where in your house the item will be. I have a lack side table (about $8) that I don't regret buying because it's in a corner and the kids usually don't go near it. Now, I also bought a lack coffee table that I threw away after about a year. It's particleboard and it chips easily. My kids were constantly dropping toys, so it got chipped and dented soon after we bought it. And then the kids spilled liquids over the chipped parts, which caused the particleboard under the chip to swell. So the finish wasn't so nice anymore.
I'm going to be buying a new bedroom set in October, and as much as i love Ikea, I will be buying elsewhere, because I know in my house, with my kids, it just wont last.
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