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A house for us?

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Hello Jamie,
Thank you again for your wonderful insight!

We have been looking for a house for a long time, can you see our new house? When will we find it? What will it look like? Where will it be? We're all getting a little anxious.

Thank you so much!
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There is a rental home for you. It is nearby to where you are living at right now. Within the same town. I know renting is not what you are looking for, however, I think you should consider the possibility that it is taking so long to find a house to buy, b/c it is not a good time for that. I feel that more changes are coming your way in your life (all good energy from what I can tell) and being free to move about will be in your best interest. I want to remind you also that when you find yourself banging your head against the wall about something, you can either keep banging and get nowhere (except a big headache), or you can find a way around the wall. Look for something different. A new, fresh idea. I do not think you are meant to buy at this time. I see a rental house and it is blue. It is not huge, but will suit you for however long you live there. I don't think it will be more than a year.
Look for a different way to do things. That is what I want you to get from this.
Good luck! I have a feeling you will understand what I am talking about soon!
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