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Hang in there.... You would not believe how common that is! It is hard for the spouse to feel like you are learning more than he ever did... and that (it often seems to come to this) you plan to try hard and will seem like the better person in some ways. (I have seen this very reaction so many times. He knows he has not been living his faith, so it is hard to see someone else try.) Just lots of fear on his part about what this will really mean in your marriage. It may be wise to give him space with his thoughts right now. You will do what you believe is right and deal with the rest as it comes. These sort of situations are won by prayer and sacrifice, not by talk.
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Mama, hang in there. As the previous poster said these things take a lot of prayer and sacrifice (advice I wish someone would have given me!) and you really can't talk it out. Oh there have been many late nights where dh and I have tried to talk it out but we both just end up so frustrated and hurt by one another. And it is a huge issue to agree to disagree about especially when kids are involved.

Please just know that you are not alone. This kind of thing rocks even the best of marriages. Seriously, PM me anytime you want. I think I've heard every complaint on this earth that anyone could launch against the CC from my dh and it is so hard to hear when you are in the process of making the choice to convert. I will say some prayers for you guys tonight. Keep praying and God will let you know where he wants you. Your dh is probably just concerned about how this is going to change things for all of you and you are probably worried about that too - I know I was! Keep us posted - I've got to go the lo's are getting into it!
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Originally Posted by CherryBomb View Post
Congratulations! RCIA is a long process because there's a lot to Catholicism, and when you convert, you're basically standing before God and the Church and saying "Yes, I believe and I'll do my best to be a faithful Catholic." There are many aspects of Catholicism that can be contentious, confusing, controversial, etc, so a lenghty preparation helps make sure you understand the fundamentals of the faith and clears up any questions or issues you might have. I think we spent about a year in RCIA, it was a great experience.
I SO AGREE with CB and I'll just add that I needed more than RCIA could provide. I chose to dig deeper and I read extensively on my own in addition to going through RCIA. The theological mines are deep in Catholicism, the religion offers such nuanced and varied expressions of faith via various groups (the Benedictines for instance) and some of the theology required a much deeper look than just what I was told in a 90 minute class that met weekly. For instance, I needed to understand how tricky issues like sex, abortion, capital punishment and artificial birth control all intersected under the large umbrella of the theology surrounding issues on the integrity of human life.

There is a gold mine just waiting to be explored, welcome!
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I agree that RCIA is just the start. My RCIA class is going great and I'm thrilled that I am in a program that is traditional and faithful, but we are still studying outside of class on our own too. Right now we are starting the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible booklets by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch and of course I still listen to A Body of Truth podcast with Father Loya on Catholic Radio International.
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Originally Posted by busymama77 View Post
I think he's worried that I don't know enough about the Catholic religion and that RCIA is only 'sugar coating' it to make it look all nice and pretty. My instructor is going back to the depths of history - really getting excited about it and making it interesting. Sure, I know that there are some bad things about Catholicism, but that's really with any religion.
Oh that has to be so hard. Is there anyway he would attend class with you?
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Originally Posted by mum4boys View Post
Oh that has to be so hard. Is there anyway he would attend class with you?
Hard to with the kids and all. Now, that it's weekly and we have to go every Sunday, too.... He works his travel schedule around my RCIA classes, which I find to be very, very cool and supportive. He's coming around. Especially after the Rite of Acceptance on Sunday. It was nice to have him there.
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When my father converted, our parish offered child care during the course, because there were a lot of couples/families going through the conversion process.

Perhaps you can talk to your RCIA instructor about child care? Maybe he knows of a family, couple, or young lady/man who would love to babysit the kids so you can attend RCIA as a couple?
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