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Almost 9 months - Shouldn't he be sleeping longer?

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I'm just wondering if my DS should be sleeping for longer blocks at night by now. He will be 9 months in a week and his longest block is usually 4 hours. However he has slept for 8 hours once a couple weeks ago when visiting my parents. I have tried to duplicate everything about that room but he has gone back to waking every 2-4 hours at night. I'm getting desperate from being so exhausted, I just thought by now he would be sleeping longer. I have read NCSS and I'm thinking of reading it again to see if I'm forgetting anything.

I was told that they start to settle down at about age 1, does that seem correct? TIA!
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At 9 months my DS was waking every 30 minutes or so. I would have killed for a 2-4 hour stretch.

That said, yes, what your DS is doing is normal. Some start to sleep better sooner, some don't. For my DS to sleep longer than 1-2 hours, we had to nightwean and move him to his own bed. I waited until he was very verbal and understood what I was saying, which was around 19 months old. Before that he was still waking every 1-2 hours. I think a lot of kids don't start STTN until closer to age 2 or 3 on their own.
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Eh. At 10 mos, 4 hours is a long stretch here (and I was floored that he gave me a 5 hour stretch last night). It's usually 2-3.

Every baby is different. You can encourage night-weaning if you like, although it seems a bit early to me. I know my guy gets half his nutrition during the night. to those who say that eating at night is about comfort/habit and not nutritional need.
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DD--9 months--usually does 3 or 4 hours in a row, although the last few weeks have given us nights of 1 to 2 (ARGH!) or 5 to 7 (YAY!). I think it depends on the baby, and I stay away from Moms who look at me like I'm crazy 'cause DD doesn't sleep all night long. You're not alone!

I have no tips to offer, but I have noticed that DD's sleep has slowly, if not consistently, improved since she was born. I guess it's just a matter of time, and of just accepting how your LO sleeps. I trust the mamas that say it will get better! (Well, except in the middle of the night when I'm sooooo tired and it feels like I'll ever sleep a decent night again, but I digress...)
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My older daughter was every 30-45 minutes so a four hour stretch sounds devine! DD2 is only a couple days younger than your LO and she's roughly in the same stage. Normal!
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