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i totally agree on the ecological perspective of flown in produce.  When it comes to fragile produce, if you're 'dying' for fresh strawberries its the route to go, but we stick to mostly frozen. i have a large raspberry patch i usually freeze 4-8 gallons. 


i love kale.  how do you deal with freeze/thaw cycles. Do you just have it really buried under snow so it doesn't break down/ Sadly, a moose got in my bed and ate every last bit at the end of Sept.


My goal is 1) all animal-based foods from AK.  Biggest problem there is if I want chicken - locals want an arm and a leg for locally raised chickens. But it works for game, fish, eggs, pork & beef.  Although I'm still eating about 1/2 imported eggs.  2) No produce from outside North America - however, my kids love bananas and we get those every so often. Plus I love the occasionally grapes or kiwis.

I wanted to comment on this, even though its an old post. We have raised meat birds for others before. It actually costs 10-12 dollars in food (natural or commercial) per bird to raise them up here. Even when they are on grass 24/7. Add in the 8-12 weeks of raising them, and its quite fair to charge $20 per bird winky.gif