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I placed a order from and I got a notice that is shipped on the 22nd. I looked at the tracking info and as of yesterday it still wasn't updating with anything but the billing info.

So I tried calling them only you can't leave a message or talk with a live person so I left a message on the problem solving area of my order. It said it could take up to 2 days for a response usually much less. Annoyed but what can I do but wait. So I check my e-mail at the 24 hr mark in hopes they were quicker but nothing. So I went back to the site and checked where I had left my message. It says closed meaning it was taken care of but there was no message sent to my e-mail or left on the site. I checked shipment tracking and still no updates.

I feel this is not going to end well. Anyone else have a bad (or good) experience with this company?