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Anyone up for a really big challenge?

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Today I read about the 'Six Items or Less Challenge'...in which people chose six items only of clothing and had to get by on those for one month.



I am inspired to try this for a month, except I might make it ten items.

I am thinking that if I can last a month on ten clothing items, it surely will help me get rid of more clothes?
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This sounds very appealing to me...but alas, I am living on about 9 items with my maternity clothes, lol! I would love to try this in a few months once I am in my normal things again though
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I'm thinking about it... not 6... even 12 would be a challenge for me. I packed away a lot of my clothes, but things are creeping back out again. Maybe the challenge would help me refocus. I won't go out to buy like items, so I should go with a week's worth. I'll figure it out by August 1st.
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I do this all the time. In fact, I've even stopped changing into pjs at night and just sleep in the t-shirt I've worn all day. Hmm, that sounds really bad when write it out.

Does that include undergarments?
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I've been doing this all summer due to moving!
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I do this whenever I travel and frequently at home, too. It is easy for me, though, so not much of a challenge.
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Hmm, I should do this! SO has been pushing me to go out and get new clothes because everything I own is either faded, stretched out, stained, too big, or too small (I really do need new stuff). I cringe at the thought of going clothes shopping though because I can't stand to spend the money! But I think I would be okay with buying only 6 (quality) things. I really like that idea because I think it would be easier to take care of everything! I think that's why I wind up with a lot of shrunk or stretched out shirts. They wind up getting tossed in the wash and dried on hot by someone else in the house because I can't keep up with everything and the "good" clothes get mixed up with the "can't wear this in public" clothes.
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I'm game! I plan to start August 1.

ETA: I just cleaned out the closet. I chose 2 dresses, 2 tops, and 2 bottoms. Let's hope it's not as hard as I think!
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How are you all doing with this?

I'd love to try something similar. All 5 of us have one of these chests of drawers each http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/75305709 for our clothes (we store out of season stuff under beds, so it is not TOO bad)

here is the thing for us though-we don't have a drier, and I'd say my clothes take about 3 days on average to dry (hard to estimate-less if it is sunny, which is rare, or if the heating is on indoors and we can use radiators).

So all of you-how are you drying your clothes? Are you using tumble driers, or are you in sunny climes, or do you find the clothes last long enough that it doens't matter?
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I have a dryer so if something needs to be dried right away, I can use that... Usually I air dry my clothes (indoors, we don't have a line) and it only takes overnight. Except jeans, those take a little longer unless I stick them in the dryer for 5-10 minutes before hanging.
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I have been doing this all summer. I lost some weight, but not quite enough, so I am working on that and don't want to buy a lot of clothes right now.

I started in June with 2 skirts, 3 t-shirts, 1 pair of shorts (sadly, I split the butt of these), running shorts, bathing suit and about 5 pairs of unders and 3 sports bras.

I don't really love it, but it is working. My clothes are starting to look really, really ratty and while I haven't quite made my weight goal, I think I need to pick up a few more bits of clothing. The thing I do love is that I know exactly what I want to wear now! I love skirts! So versatile and comfy. I love easy t-shirts and plan on getting 3 new short sleeved ones and 3 long sleeved. 2 sweaters/cardigans and another skirt or two. One or two pairs of warm leggings and I'll be all set for winter.

Sadly, today's fabrics just don't hold up to so much wear. And I don't know where to buy anything better. Summertime here is hot and muggy and sweaty clothes have to be washed after every wearing. I wash gently in a front loader and hang everything to dry, but with this much wear, my clothes have not lasted any decent length of time. I think if I was to really to to 6 items, I would need to buy really great clothes or make my own from heavier fabric.
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i think washing would use up more energy than just using the clothes you own
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Originally Posted by Shaina View Post
i think washing would use up more energy than just using the clothes you own
That's what my DH said also, which is why I changed my mind about doing this.
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I haven't noticed any increase in our electric, if anything it has gone down this year. With three kids, I wash a load a day anyway, so throwing in my clothes at the end of the day has been no big deal.

I think it would work really well in the winter when I could rewear some of my pants and shirts. Summer is a little too hot and sweaty for that.
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Originally Posted by Shaina View Post
i think washing would use up more energy than just using the clothes you own
It hasn't been for me but DP has an entire load ready to wash by the time I need to wash my few things. He wears a uniform for work so he goes through 4-5 of those a week, 4-5 pairs of regular pants, and then probably 10 tshirts/week during the summer. I'm still only doing 5-6 loads a week for a family of 3 though and that's including diapers, family cloth, unpaper towels, towels, clothes, and our sheet and blanket (we co-sleep so only one of each to wash).

That being said, I haven't pared it down quite to 6. I think I'm going to stick to 10, for one of the reasons someone mentioned above. Its summer in Louisiana. Plus, I LIVE in tanks during the summer, but I like layering. Which means if I only have 4 tanks and wear 2 at a time, I only have 2 day's worth of tops.
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