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Scent savvy people! Help me help my office!

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I work in a tiny, windowless office. Fluorescent light, drab furnishings, the works. I'm working on a gorgeous bulletin board collage to brighten it up b/c pretty soon the legislature is going to go into session and I will at times be in said office for up to 20ish hours at a time EEK

SO, I'm wanting to add a little air freshening to the mix as it can get pretty stale in this building but I HATE double hate glad plug ins or the plug ins from bed bath body etc.....I have some essential oils (lavender, lime, sweet orange, rosemary, and peppermint) and I love them at home in a little oil burner thing. Any suggestions for ways to bring this, minus the open flame, to my office? Also I would love any suggestions for different scent combinations. I don't reallyknow anything about essential oils and their effects...TIA!
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You can use your EOs without an open flame in several ways:

1. Soak a few cotton balls and place them strategically near you. Tuck one into your collage since it may get some viewers. Bring them to/from the office in a ziplock or glass jar (with tight-fitting lid) to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

2. Make a little rice pack and include EOs. Use pretty fabric to brighten your office. Try one as a mug cozy (flat-ish and larger than your favorite mug). The heat from your coffee or tea or just plain hot water will release the scent. Try one as a lower back pillow on your chair. Your body heat will release the scent. I'd make both with removable covers, personally.

3. Use hot water in a mug to add EOs.

4. Put one drop of lemon EO in your drinking water. I do this and it makes a world of difference in my outlook and mood. (I use a 24 oz SS bottle with one drop of lemon EO.) You could also use flower essences.

5. Use lavender EO neat (straight) as perfume. One drop lightly rubbed between your wrists and then dab your wrists on each side of your neck. Lavender and tea tree EOs are the only ones you can use without diluting. I'd keep a lavender EO in your desk for this purpose since no mixing is required and the effects can be immediate. Otherwise, you can mix up a small amount of any EO and a carrier oil in a tiny glass vial to use whenever you wish. I have a homemade first aid oil (50% sweet almond oil, 25% lavender EO, 25% tea tree EO) in an old "Burt's Bees blemish stick" (glass roll-on container) in my tiny first aid kit. DD loves this and says she feels better instantly. I think it is the scent that affects her first, but it also helps speed up healing. The same concept can be applied for your emotions/mood. Citrus EOs tend to perk us up, so I'd go for a mix of those in a carrier oil. Citrus EOs break down really quickly compared to other EOs, so either mix up a very small batch at a time or add in something longer lasting...also put a few drops of vitamin E oil for added preservation.

6. The easiest thing to do is to just open the EO bottle and inhale the scent. The scent itself won't linger long, but it's effect will.
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Wow GREAT information thank you I will definitely get to work on this stuff!!! I have a lavender oil roll-on in my purse from a local lavender farm, I use it CONSTANTLY :-)
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I have a reed diffuser in DS's room because that room just stays stuffy for some reason. It is super light and just takes away that stuffy smell.

Another idea would be a fragrant plant - sage, mint, rosemary, etc.
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Awesome ideas! Here is one to add: You can take EO on a cotton ball or swab and rub a little on your light bulbs.
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I totally got the reed diffuser bug yesterday! That seems like a great solution so it's good to know it has worked for you! I have lavender EO and wanted a lavender diffuser so I looked up how to make diffuser oil and it seems I would need to buy some kind of dipropylene glycol and perfumers alcohol...sounded a little overwhelming so I've been looking at them on etsy and thinking it sounds great. I'm thinking a lavender/lime mixture would be great!

I think I'm gonna do a combo of all these tricks, with lavender and citrus as my main scents....I love the idea of the EO cotton ball on the lights too - they certainly burn warm enough I bet that would work well to intensify the scent. So excited now I just need to follow through lol!
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The essential oils brand called Aura Cacia makes plug in essential oil wall diffusers. There are also plug in table top diffusers that are nice.



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I sell scentsy so that is my first choice (electric wax warming system), but a reed diffuser is nice, or any electric tart warmer. I would try cleaning it really well with a mix of vinegar and essentail oils too. Maybe even putting some damp rid in the room would take out odor. A bowl of vinegar may help too or an open box of baking powder

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