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19mon. potty/diaper issues

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My DD is 19 months and has been peeing on the potty off and on for about 4 months. At first is was just before bath and then when ever we go she comes with and sits on her potty, she does not all ways go but she gets the point of the potty.
she has decided that her diapers (we use cloth) are not to be worn when she needs to poop and just takes them off. Then poops where ever she is. I have cleaned up 3 poops in the past two days. I have put them on backwards so she can not un-velcroe them, then she just pulls them down like she does the snaps. She is doing this when I am unable to really watch her. She is very independent so I never worry when she is off by her self playing, and I can not stay completely on top of her either. When school starts in three weeks we will be out and about all the time. I can not have her doing this when I am teaching (she is with me)...even though it is about babycare, breastfeeding, pregnancy and such...I might be able to work it in

any tips? should I go ahead and start really pushing the potty? My kids all trained them selves i never really had to do it before
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Sounds like she is telling you what she needs! yay! We did very casual EC with dd and she was out of dipes, day and night with no accidents, by 20mos. Get a couple of potties and let her do it. (I compare it to walking or crawling - as much as I love babies who don't move around and get into things, I can't stop the walking!! )
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Maybe just slip a potty chair under her when she starts to pull of the diaper!:-) she sounds very cool about it - I, too, would just get a couple of potty chairs, place them around and let her know what they're for. Sounds like she might already know!
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