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Help me break my ice cream addiction!

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Every night after I get my boys to bed, I have a bowl of ice cream. I'm not trying to lose weight, but I have been trying to reduce dairy a bit and switch to only organic dairy (at least at home). I know there's organic ice cream, but it's pricey and I like to buy "fun" flavors anyway (bring on the cookie chunks and fudge swirls!) which I haven't seen in organic. I know I could get an ice cream maker and make my own, but I feel like the cost of organic ingredients will still be quite a bit more than what I usually buy (I generally buy whatever brand is on sale for ~$2.99/1.5qt).

So.... I need tips for other nighttime treats that are inexpensive and not junky. I don't mind sugar/fat/calories, I just don't want non-organic stuff that I should be buying organic, or mile-long ingredients lists. I love healthy stuff too, especially frozen fruit lately, but I've been spending a lot on produce already. I know about the frozen-banana ice cream but we live in a raised ranch so I don't think I can run the blender while the kids are sleeping. I sometimes make homemade popsicles from fruit and yogurt, but sometimes I want something a little more sinful.
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I too like to have a "little something" after the kids go to bed. Feels like a treat when I can sit and enjoy somehthing without sharing or being interrupted. So I know where you are coming from. We usually do NOT keep ice cream in the house (for this very reason) In the summertime we go out once a week for soft serve and thats our ice cream fix.

Some of the things we do.....

cereal (barbaras puffins come to mind. more of a treat than a brekkie food)
glass of wine
a beer
a microwave s'more (a healthy graham and some organic chocolate.....maybe raspberry jam instead of a marshmallow?)
small yogurt parfait with fruit/yog/granola

I recently had the idea of popping some mini York peppermint patties in the freezer and having one (but thats not an organic choice
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I just don't buy ice cream. If I did I'd be huge I like vanilla yogurt with some chocolate chips in it. Or I make homemade granola bars with chocolate in them (I love chocolate if you can't tell).

Really anything baked and yummy will humor me at night when I have some sweet munchies. Even semi healthy stuff like banana bread or homemade pumpkin bread (again, chocolate chips can be added!). The only problem with that stuff is not snacking on it all the time and finishing it up!
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