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Really need help priortizing my To Do list

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So this summer has turned into our busiest. We look like deer in the headlights!

Trips, camping, summer camps, yard sale, helping relatives move, managing a larger garden and then we all got sick with a summer cold. My life and home feel turned upside down. Some basic housework is getting slowly done but if it doesn’t smell or beg for food – it’s getting ignored LOL

I am not sure where to start because I feel so overwhelmed by the size and variety of things that need to be done. I have both smaller tasks and bigger projects. Here are a few examples off the top of my head:

Want to set up my camera so I can download the pics on it – been a “ to do” item for over a year
Lost my old cell, got a new one and need to add my crucial contacts
Need to respond to letter with some insurance info – non critical. Been walking by this letter for 2 weeks.
Hermit crab tank needs cleaning in a bad bad way
Fall garden starts are sitting in containers and need to be planted
Our bedroom has become the area to dump everything – needs a huge cleaning and I’ve been avoiding this majorly

There are bunches of other things like the above. I guess the first step is writing down what needs to be done. Although that list tends to get ugly and starts to include ridiculous things like reorganizing my bobbins. How do I make a realistic list or perhaps more than one list?

Once the list is made…. How do I decide what to do first? Tackle like items together, work small to large, mix n match smaller and larger tasks? Ugh, help.

Edit to add: I work full time so most things are getting done on the weekends, but smaller tasks could be done in the late evening. Unless I'm braindead :-)

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I'd start with the hermit crab tank because it won't take all day and it'll make the hermit crab(s) happy. Then I'd move to the bedroom. When I wake up to a nice clean bedroom, I feel better all day.
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I was thinking the hermit crab tank, as well. Good starting point.

I'd tackle the bedroom next (however, for me it's a nice clean kitchen that makes me feel accomplished! ) I think once you get into the swing of it, it'll get done. I started a few weeks ago and got on a major roll and purged our house like never before!!! Good luck!
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This is how I do my to do list. I write out all the days of the week and leave some space under them. Then I put a few things under each day. I try to make sure that no one day has too much on it. I also have a section for next week which includes things that I would kind of like to do or that can definitely wait until next week. Sometimes something comes up, and I have to move something to another day and that is okay.

If something is very important that is at the "top of the list." Also if there is something I would enjoy doing or would just make me feel better to get it over with, I might make that a priority as well!
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Ok I made the list so far, but am sure more things will be added. I tried to note an estimated time it would take me to complete the task. Most things are in the 20 minute range and others an hour, the bedroom – a weekend project. Then I looked for tasks that could logically be done together, in the same room, etc. Like washing and vacuuming the car at the same time. Changing the litter box, sweeping and moping the laundry room.

Of course this makes the combined tasks a much bigger project. So not sure how I will do with that. And I am also seeing that some bigger projects (cleaning up side and back yards) could be divided into smaller ones. That might be worth doing so it becomes manageable. I wish my organization skills were as good as my avoider skills LOL

I was able to knock to 2 small tasks off my list last night: complete and mail letter, and straighten the broom closet.

And happily DH had done ALL the dishes – put away and everything – when I got home. This makes a huge difference! It is easier to tackle side projects when the regular housework is done, especially by someone else

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