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Anyone want to play "name that pain"?

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I think I have a weird muscle thing going on, and it really hurts.

It's about 1.5" up and 1.5" to the right of my belly button. When I am completely rested, it doesn't bother me. If I have been working a while, or lifting stuff, it isn't very long until it really, really hurts. It feels like a bad bruise. In fact, I've lifted my shirt more than once to see if there is one there. (There isn't).

Is this something I should be worried about? Any ideas what it is?
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How long has it been going on?
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Is it actually inside your belly button? LIke a hernia? umbilical hernias can be pretty painful
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ive been having a similar pain (though lower and to my left) and remember having it last pregnancy. my midwife offered that it could be the baby tugging on his umbilical chord and it turn out (last time) that the chord was around my baby's neck when he was born. im interested to see other responses, though, as i dont know why activity would cause the pain
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Isn't round ligament pain more often on the right side? Could that be it?
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Originally Posted by Virginia884 View Post
Isn't round ligament pain more often on the right side? Could that be it?
Usually thats quite a bit further to the side than what she is describing... I thought the same at first until i pinpointed where it would be on my own belly.
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It's higher up that RL pain, and no, it's not in my belly button.

I first noticed it the day or two after we moved. My body was worn out. I'd only had 3 or 4 hours of sleep for a couple days in a row, and then drove 10 hours by myself with the three kids. Well, dh was there to help when we stopped, but I was on my own in the car. Anyway, I was trying to put stuff away in the kitchen when I first noticed it. So, a few weeks ago?

Anyway, I got rested up, and it went totally away. Then I guess I overdid it, or something, because it's back. Actually, I noticed it again (and worse) just after I'd moved some boxes and twisted at the waist a bit to put them down. They weren't very heavy (rubbermaid containers full of kid's clothes). Now it's pretty tender, but worse at the end of the day. Right now I'm having a hard time forgetting about it.

The night before last, the baby pushed up on that spot and it hurt pretty bad then, too. When I push down on it, it's sore, and it feels like maybe there's a hole-ish sort of thing there. When I feel on the other side, I'm not sure I can feel the same thing. I just can't tell if I really feel it, or if I feel it because it's sore, ifykwim. Dh said he thinks maybe he can feel a bit of a dip.

I guess I'll call my mw tomorrow...
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Okay well if it didn't just happen over the past few hours its not what I was afraid of so that's good!

could you have possibly pulled a muscle cleaning?
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Yeah...no bleeding, no nothing else. Not an abruption

I really think it's muscular and not uterine. I think.
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The pain you describe sounds like my hernia pain. It's very tender, like a bruise, and really hurts if somebody leans up against it or if baby is rolling under it. It could just be a pulled muscle too from moving.
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I was afraid of it being a hernia. But, is it a big deal? What do they do about it?
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My midwives said hernias are relatively common in pregnant women and don't usually require surgery. They usually don't bother women when they're no longer pregnant. But research I've done says hernias ALWAYS need surgery. So I'm just going to wait and see what happens and hope for the best. They don't treat hernias during pregnancy.

They also said it will not interfere in labor or be painful. Actually mine has felt a little better as my uterus has grown (which they predicted).
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Gallbladder was my thought, too, just based on the area.
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It's a surface pain...and doesn't seem to be bothered by anything I eat and don't eat.

It's much better today.
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Glad you're feeling better!
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Thanks Heather.

And thanks GSM for the info.
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