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When can I put him in his own bed?

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We're co-sleeping, but I've been wanting to get my 14mo onto his own bed in our room, since we'll most likely be moving him into his own room in a few months. I'd like him to get used to sleeping alone gradually. Is he too young to do this? We sleep in a bed off the floor, and have a futon mattress that we can slide out from underneath that he would sleep on. I thought that if I sleep on the outside, I would hear him if he stirred. He's very mobile and almost walking but still mostly crawling.

When do they usually start sleeping in a bed rather than a crib?
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Most? I'd think on average at birth. My first, now 7, started when I weaned her around 13 months. We still rocked her to sleep for the next year and then for the next 2 years, we laid with her in her bed until she fell asleep. Now, she often tells us she's ready for bed. Although she frequently crawls into bed with me. She's sleeping in my bed right now and my son, 4 months is on my chest.

really it's a personal choice. And you have to see if how your child handles it.
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it's up to you. i personally wanted to wait until my boys were walking well to get them into their own beds - i did the transition @ 17mos and it's going great, they love their cozy beds!
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DD transitioned into her little ikea toddler bed at 14mos. She climbed right in and slept 8 hrs!
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We transitioned my first at about 18-19 months, soon after we nightweaned. We had a twin bed up against ours and gradually moved it to the other side of the room. Then we ended up moving him to his own room somewhere between 21 and 24 months.
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At about 12 months we started putting DS in his crib (right next to our bed) at the beginning of the night...he had already been sleeping in his crib for naps for...5-6 months maybe? He'd only sleep in there for about 1-2 hours, then wake up and come into our bed for teh rest of the night.

At 18 months we tried having him stay in his crib after the first wake-up. Worked great for a week and then REALLY didn't work. We backed off and then tried again a few months later. Worked better. Then about a month or so after that we decided that he couldn't come into our bed until it was at least 6am or so. Some nights were harder than others, but for the most part it was fine.

He just turned two and stays in his crib until about 7am-8am each day (he and I usually sleep till about 9-9:30). In a few weeks were planning The Big Move - moving him to his own room. We did get a little "stowaway" futon cuz we anticipate needing to spend some time lying in his floor, but hopefully it will all be good.
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