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Columbia SC homebirth

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My DH is due to return from deployment any day and we're ready to start to TTC again.
Anyone in the Columbia area have a home birth? Any recommendations for a midwife?

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Not personally, but I do know people who have. I delivered at Lexington.

I forgot the name of the site . . . it is advertised on here sometimes though, and lists a few local midwives that do homebirths. there is also Lisa at the covenant birth center.
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I'm in Columbia, Have you tried Tavish. She is about the best you'll find here and the most hands off. Columbia is not very natural birth friendly. Lisa is not very hands off from what I have heard.
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I had DD at Covenant Birth Center with Lisa Byrd and it was wonderful.  Check out the CBC website.  She is a wonderful midwife.  Some of the state laws that she has to comply with are a little annoying but nothing too serious.  I felt very well cared for and safe.  She was there when I wanted her but gave me lots of space while I labored. 

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I highly, highly recommend Tavish. I do not recommend Covenant Birth Center unfortunately.  Please email me for more information, I'll gladly give more info and answer questions.  amber.babesinbloom@gmail.com

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It's sad, Amber that you have absolutely no experience with Covenant Birth Center yet spout the prejudicial rhetoric of Lexington Medical Center. I'd encourage anyone considering their natural birth options in Columbia get a review from our clients, not someone who fears birth and Licensed Midwives.  We welcome sincere inquiries, honest critiques and informed, intelligent reviews based on actual experience.

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For those who are not comfortable in an out of hospital setting, we strongly recommend the family practice doctors at Palmetto Health Richland.  You will get docs in a hospital setting who are not quick to turn their patients over for c-section.  A great solution for VBAC these days too!

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I actually am currently seeing a doctor at Richland in Columbia (well she is a USC OB), and both she and her partner who I saw briefly have stated that even though I have had my last four babies naturally, because I had three previous VBACS, they will not allow me to have the baby naturally there. I am looking for an alternative, but there seems to be none but home birth, and even then it would have to be UC because no midwife can legally have me as a client or they may lose their license. You would think having the last four babies naturally would show that I am fully capable of giving birth naturally, but I guess not. Anyone know of a doctor who would be willing to take me on as a patient? Let me know...thanks!

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