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Well Endowed Mamas...Help me find a nursing bra please!

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I have two Motherhood nursing bras in an H-cup that I like, but the cups are too small! The underwires lift up off my chest when I raise my arms, and I really have to "stuff them in there", KWIM?

I think I need something like a 38I, but I am having a hard time finding anything in that size. So where do you find good nursing bras that are on up there in the alphabet?
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I was never able to get one in the store; I had to go online. I think the last nursing bra I bought was through Bravado.

Even recently when I finally got a regular bra, when I went to Victoria's Secret to get specially fitted and everything, they still didn't carry my size. I went up to I think it was Lane Bryant or whatever large women's store was at the mall, and THEY didn't carry my size either.

I still had to order a couple of different sizes and try them on when they came in the mail. And I've already had to pull those underwires out 'cause they broke so fast and started jabbing me.

So maybe well-endowed women can't even keep underwires for very long?

I figure if I have to wait 'til they come in the mail anyway, I might as well just do it all online from here on out.
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Thanks for the reply! I have been looking online, and the only thing I could find was one that looked straight out of the 1950s! I checked Bravado, and their biggest size doesn't seem too much bigger than what I already have. There has to be some cute, comfy bigger nursing bras out there somewhere!

ETA: I have a DD VS bra and DD LB bras(all non-nursing) that fit now, but my sz E and H nursing bras are too small...so weird!
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Maybe Bravado has changed. It seems like they used to go up to a J-cup.
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But I've yet to find anything cute in my size.
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I love love love the Bravado double plus nursing bras, and I'm usually a H-cup. I buy their large size. They also have an extra large size, but I think that is a wider bra, rather than a bigger cup. They're not underwire, and there isn't 2 distinctly separate cups, so there is a bit of flexibility size-wise.

I've just bought my second set of these. I bought 2 when DD was born, and have worn them to their death - I bought another 3 this week to celebrate reaching 12 months of nursing.

They are not, however, sexy. I'm yet to find something that is sexy AND fits well.
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I'd love to find a good nursing bra that has 2 separate cups (no uniboob!), is soft, and comes in a 40H. I have yet to find that, and I haaaate buying bras online without a recommendation from someone, because you waste so much money on return shipping and stuff, and bras are such a hit or miss item.
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I have the Bravado bliss, I love it! It is sexier than the double plus, and has better boob separation. I have a mortal fear of UW while nursing; I am afraid of clogged ducts and mastitis, which I hear is common, and IRL friend had problems with. no downside, and far cheaper than the Anita I bought, which despite very infrequent wearing, has already lost a hook and loop closure!!!

I am a 40G btw.
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I hated all of my nursing bras until I got some from decent exposure

They are soft and comfortable - but I have always hated bras and underwires they never feel right.

They have great customer service and my bras have held up for 2.5 years now. (they should get replaced but they are still doing well so I don't)

I went with a lined bra to get more support. And I didn't opt for the nursing bra option (you can get hooks or velcro last I looked) I just lifted up or pulled down as was needed.

They have great color selection and any size you need plus they can do a custom fitting if you can't find a standard size that fits.
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Try herroom dot com. You can search by size and type, and I've gotten some nice-looking nursing bras there from Freya and Anita. Admittedly, I don't know if they range to an I, but I've found G and H cups there.

Good luck!
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I mostly wear Glamourmom full bust nursing tanks. But the bras I have are from www.biggerbras.com . In the drop down box you can select nursing. They're definitely not the sexiest things, but they're comfy and soft.
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Thanks for all the replies! I've tried all the suggested sites but I didn't find anything I thought I would be happy with. Anybody want to start Big Cute Comfy Nursing Bras Inc with me???
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I have found some nice ones here. http://www.laurensilva.com
They are quite pricey in my opinion, but they have lasted me almost 4 years now.
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Originally Posted by silverspook View Post
Thanks for all the replies! I've tried all the suggested sites but I didn't find anything I thought I would be happy with. Anybody want to start Big Cute Comfy Nursing Bras Inc with me???
I'll start it with you, if you change it to Big Cute Comfy AFFORDABLE Nursing Bras, Inc!
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http://birthandbaby.com has a nice selection of larger sizes, detailed fitting guide, and a great return policy. I ended up with most of my nursing bras (that actually work) being from them.
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http://breakoutbras.stores.yahoo.net/cst.html is my favorite place. Check out their "What is your size" link and then go shopping!

They have a great selection of nursing bras in a broad spectrum of sizes.
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Hi Silverspook! I'm a 36 J and I like these [URL="http://www.motherwear.com/prod.cfm/cid/50/sid/6270"] quite a bit and they are on sale right now (they actually support enough that I can nurse one-handed and while not underwire they have a great deal of lift and separate. I also wear a bra from Goddess (but I find it to be quite ugly). Good luck! Hey, I think we need a nursing bra smilie!

Hey, I just saw the fancee free bra I listed above at breakout bras for a cheaper price!
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I have both Anita and Freya nursing bras that I like. My problem is that I'm well-endowed but with a tiny ribcage (I wear a 30 or 32 inch band with an H cup). If you search on Amazon I know they carry Anita bras (they're not cheap but they do last a while). I've found decent deals on Freya bras on Ebay, but it's hit or miss on what sizes are available. The bravado nursing bra I have is comfortable, but it's shaped like a sports bra and gives me the "uniboob" look-- not sexy at all.
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Great Nursing Bras on sale

I personally love Motherwear and the bras they offer. AND I just go an email about a bra sale they're having. looks like it's 40% off with $6- shipping.
The best bras I've found are the motherwear style 6270 - it has super great support with no underwires - foam instead. I didn't think the foam with give me the lift I wanted, but it did. I love it. and the sleep bras are something I can't live without. I'm gonna go buy a couple more today.
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I am sorry you are having trouble finding a bra. I know how frustrating that can be.
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