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I tested 9 dpo with a Dollar General early result hpt. My disclaimer its a blue dye test. It was negative.

Tested yesterday 10 dpo with the second test of the same pact. I took the test and it showed negative, probably stared at it for about two minutes, then i put it back in the box under the sink. did not check it again until...

I checked it again last night (ten hours later) and it was positive. i've seen evap lines on other brands and this did not look one so i think while faint, clearly positive. took it apart and it was positive on both sides. i dug the other test out of the trash. still negative. and no evap line or anything.

so now 11 dpo and i don't have a test but i put my fmu in a cup and will go to work and go from there.

i'm not sure if its my mind playing tricks with me but i feel like total crap this morning. queasy, four huge zits, stuffy nose, bbs heavy. and even though i didn't eat last night, my stomach feel incredibly bloated.


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Get a good pink dye test, like a First Response Early Result, or the Answer brand. Those blue dye ones have nasty false positives sometimes.

It's possible it's a valid result, but I'd try a better test first.
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i know. i should just go around the corner and get one now. i'm kind of scared. this would be an oops.

its ok -- i'm well educated and 35 this year and have been wanting a baby for two decades but have somehow managed, using nfp, to never get pregnant except for once with an ex-fi. i miscarried and his attitude about the whole thing, among other things, ended that five year relationship.

the man i'm with now -- it has huge potential, but its a very very new relationship. we just weren't / i wasn't very careful at all.

maybe this falls under things happen for a reason category.

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FWIW I used a blue dye test(it was all I had in the house) a yr. ago when my period was late (I should tell you dh had the big V 2 yrs. ago)... It was a 2 pk also and I took the first one and it was a definite BFN (yes I am one of those people that sometimes digs them back out of the trash hours later ) and it was still stark white where the test line should be....then I still didn't start the next day so i took the other one and it was a BFN at the time limit, I threw it away only to go back again a few hours later (this time only because I was curious to see if there was an evap line, like I had heard blue dye tests were notorious for) and sure enough there was a line and it did have a bit of a blue hue to it.

So, since it was BFN at the time limit I would disregard it and go get a pink dye test. Those blue dye tests are awful!
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I got a negative with a blue dye test 11 dpo, then took another one 12dpo, negative. Dug it out of the trash hours later (I don't know why), and it was positive. So I went out and got a "real" test as my DH calls them, and it was positive. Needless to say I was pregnant.
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See...and if I/we really wanted to test this theory I should go get another Dollar General test....

But instead, I just tested with a FRPT (first response). It was negative.

I think I might see something, but in this instance, without color it does look like an evap line.

I am either 10 or 11 dpo; face broken out, boobs heavy, abdomen bloated, tired and moody, cervix is high and soft. I am either having one hell of a time with PMS or more stressed than I thought.

I remember the one time i was pregnant, my faint line got darker on the original test, as time went on. it would seem to follow that a positive could show after the sacred ten minutes. i mean in other words, there's nothing in these tests that stops the absorption of the chemical, either at ten minutes or ten hours.

am i out? or test again tomorrow?

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At only 10 or 11 DPO you are definitely not out!!

- I hope you get the outcome you want
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so after letting the first response test sit overnight...there is clearly a line there. pink, not grey.

i think this hpt business is all a racket. you can't tell me that we can engineer all sorts of extraordinary things but not make a pregnancy test with no chance of evap lines at all? whatever.

i'm not testing again until i'm officially late, i.e. monday or tuesday.

that, and its occurred to me i may be overly anxious about all this....

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Originally Posted by cecelia7 View Post
i think this hpt business is all a racket. you can't tell me that we can engineer all sorts of extraordinary things but not make a pregnancy test with no chance of evap lines at all? whatever.
I think it has more to do with women wanting to test before it's actually likely to get an accurate result Not only is it still early, but you might have ovulated on a different day than you thought you did, which could mess with the result too.

I would wait a few days before testing again!
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It seems strange to me that the morning after a line did show up and was pink. I've never had that happen to me and i have gone back and checked before. lol..keep us updated
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OMG!!! Please see my post, this just happened to em and I am totally freaking out!!! I took the pink dye test afterward and it is also negative, but I do ntohave a normal cycle to go by to see how far along I would be. I'm assuming less than 5 weeks, since it has been 4 weeks since my last test!!!!
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