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Oh, and I agree that Michael's reaction was over the top, but it at least seemed genuine, which is not something I could say for Gretchen's "concern."
Re: the bolded, really?? My DH and I were cracking up because it looked so ridiculously fake to us. You could tell that Mondo and Andy were actually weeping (although in a much more reserved way), but Michael looked like he was auditioning -- trying to parlay his PR loss into an acting career or something. Blech.

ETA: I did think that Michael's clothes were clearly superior to Gretchen's, and he has every right to be upset, I just thought that he milked it for the cameras. I'm probably just a black-hearted ogre, though.
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What? Shenanigans!
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what? boo.
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Ok, I cant believe I'm saying this but I agree with the winner. She really listened to the judges, elevated her collection and had some great wearable pieces. I agreed with their assessments of the other two.

Andy's was beautiful but very one note. Mondo's was too juvenile.

I don't think Gretchen's was a runway show stopper but I liked that it felt real and true to her.
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I've never understood what the judges saw in her clothes. I can look at any of them and see anything but "ugly."
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I don't think I'm going to watch PR anymore. I just don't agree with the judges. And this winner? Heck no!!!! The only thing I liked about it was the hats and hairstyles. There was one dress that would have been ok to see on the street. The rest were horrible! I'm done with this show. I think that it's been played out so much that all the really talented designers wouldn't audition.
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they never pick my favorite designers. i mondo.
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i agree wholeheartedly that mondo should have won!!
whoop-dee-doo if gretchen's designs are "now"; i've seen enough of now, show me something different. besides that, i just don't like her stuff!
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Mondo was robbed!
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I'm no fan of Gretchen but I don't think Mondo's show pieces lived up to what he had done the rest of the season. The rectangle color field dress was like a girl scout's sewing project.

I was fascinated by the judges' discussion in the final show. I'm so glad they let it go on that long and didn't just edit together a couple of snarky comments.
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