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I added one week to my LMP at my first appointment...I have NO intention of being pressured into an induction or even just being stressed out by mean remarks or snarky comments as I pass my due date (I have a strong feeling that I will). Good luck with your VBAC! I'm not a VBAC mom (first baby), but VBAC mammas have a special place in my heart and I often lurk here. <hugs> to you all!!!
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I don't see any problems with lying about dates to protect yourself and the baby. I would lie too, up to 5-7 days, if I didn't have full faith in my mw having full faith in me!

Just remember if other random issues come up later, they will think the baby is younger than it is, so you might have to 'fess up. But that is unlikely, and you can deal with that if or when necessary. (This seems less likely than them trying to scare you into early induction, for sure!!)
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I would fudge the dates, certainly. They're taking away your options and risking the health of you and your baby based on ideas not even based in science or evidence, so fudging a few days for the safety of you and your child is not bad at all, IMO (and if I were you I would fudge by at least a week simply knowing that babies in my family come at 41w at the very earliest and DS was 41w4d). In fact, my MW got a different date from me for this pregnancy (by 4 days - and she just used her little wheel thing from my LMP, so I probably just counted a little off since I was counting forward 40 weeks ) and she said why argue? It's a good thing - a bit more of a cushion!

Two things, though. For the high blood pressure there are things you can do. What worked for me was major increase in protein intake (80+ grams a day - but watch out for sugar in protein bars and stuff - it's very counterproductive!), more exercise, scullcap or hopps tincture (I took scullcap) and garlic. More importantly, they CANNOT FORCE YOU to have a repeat cesarean. You can keep rescheduling the date or simply refuse, and then just go in while you're in labour and refuse a cesarean. Easier said than done, but you do NOT have to consent to another RCS!

Good luck, mama!!!
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I pushed my LMP date back approx one week (even family thinks I'm due a week later), and I didn't do an early ultrasound to "date" the pregnancy. That's with my OB...my midwife (doing shadow care) knows my actual dates, but is not one to pressure or worry about going over at all.

I went 41w6d with DD and I'm positive I'll go over with this one as well. Going "over" last time was so incredibly stressful...I truly believe my experience would have been quite different had I not felt pressured to "deliver" in a specific time frame. I'm being proactive and attempting every way I can to relieve as much pressure in those final days as possible.
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I have irregular cycles. I told the truth about my dates and it has been nothing but trouble since day 1. It would have been so much easier if I would have lied. Telling the truth has brought on soooooo much extra stress.
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Okay so I have no idea about your backround, but...I just learned of a study done back in the laste 70's I think that showed Caucasian women gestate about a week longer than previously estimated. They took this to ACOG and inspite of the overwhelming scientific research they would not change the standards because it only showed a difference in white women. Blacks and hispanics did not gestate longer. With that said it was easier for them to just keep everyone the same.

On a personal note. I knew the day our son was conceived (I chart) and they still wanted to short me 6 days. A week makes a huge difference. They wanted ot induce or Auto-csection on their EDD, but I said no and went into labor on my own 2 days later. I may have ended up with a cesarean but they had to fight me for it and my son picked when he was ready. I say do what is going to put you at ease the most towards the end of your pregnancy. Worrying about what kind of pressure you are going to get from your care providers is not the way to spend those last few precious weeks.
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